It’s almost the end of the year and the spirit of revolution remain high as ever,comrades.The wave of revolution have passed through even the most impregnable wall,guarding the West itself.People are rising,demanding their rights to be restored once more.Yet,my brothers and sisters,it seems like there’s a certain element,determine to shut us down for good.They,I believe responsible,trying to influence decisions made by our leaders in attempt to protect their interest from the increasing threat from us.They,I believe,is trying to stamp their own authority and will resort to any means necessary to ensure their secret will never be revealed.These elements,even resorted,cooperating with foreign nations to ensure their interest will not be jeopardized as well.They called themselves fighters,revolutionists and reformists.And yet,why they continue acting like a tyrant if they really heed to the demands made by the people itself.Only idiots will say these men and women are worthy to lead us.These fools are rats,traitors to our kind,our beloved nation!They’re more interested safeguarding their own interest rather than upholding the people’s interest.If our country is deprived by our rivals,where exactly are they at times like this?!True leaders are those who stick together with his people,not fleeing,hiding like a coward!True leaders will stick to his ideals and fight for it to the very end,not fleeing like rats,abandoning their original ideals in order to succeed.Now,comrades,it’s time to rise once again,time to reclaim our country from these traitors!Time to reclaim the revolution,time to put order back!Time to drive these fools off from our beloved country!