18th April 2011


Sergeant ‘Soap’ MacTavish

22nd Regiment,SAS


After recovering Nikolai from his ordeal,our superiors in London want us to take him to Hamburg,probably to his new safehouse.’Nikolai,as promised,you will be placed in a safehouse where your safety is guaranteed.’Director of MI6,Muhammad Bakr give his assurance over his safety.Nikolai,still not satisfied with Bakr’s assurance asked,’What about my new identity and security detail,Director?You have to understand.Ultranationalists will never let this betrayal go unanswered.They will do everything they can to shut me.’Noticing his anxious tone,Bakr assures him,’I can assure you,Nikolai.You will have everything you need in exchange for your information.Don’t worry.’


0315 GMT


It’s been several hours after we left the village.In the next several hours,around 0700 GMT,we should arrive in Hamburg,delivering our HVI to safety.It’s still a long way so some of my squadmates use this spare time to get some rest.Only the old man still awake.’Is something bothering you,sir?’I whisper to him,trying not to awake the others.’No.Not at all.Get some rest,Soap.You might need it.’He slowly replied to my question and tells me to grab some nap while we can.However,everything change when a familiar sound appear out of nowhere.’What the bloody hell is that?! Incoming missile! Hang on!’Captain Price exclaimed as a Stinger missile hits our ride very hard.The pilots tried to control the stricken chopper but eventually the inevitable happen.


‘Mustapha,scout the area for us.Gaz,Nikolai checked the pilots and Paulsen.’As I recovered from the crash,I overheard Captain Price’s faint voice,commanding the others.Then the old man approached me,checking my condition.’You’re still in one piece. Get up.’As I tried to stand up,he urge me,’ Come on, we need to get moving before the search parties get here.’He then switch his view to Gaz,’Casualty report?’Gaz can only shake his head,’Paulsen and both pilots are dead,sir.’Hearing the news,Captain Price briefly sigh,sympathize with their fate.’Alright then,the extraction point’s not far from here.Let’s move out.’The old man made contact with Baseplate,informing them about our situation.Fortunately,Baseplate informed us that an AC-130 will arrive to assist us.However,they will take some time before able to assist us.


‘Sir,vehicles coming from the north.’Mustapha informed us about hostiles present.Captain Price immediately tell us to hide under the bridge,knowing a chopper may accompany their presence as well.Once they disappear,he tells us to move.I squinted to Nikolai,’Hope you’re ready for this.’He replied,’If that means guaranteeing my safety,my friend.’As we arrived in a farm,we see soldiers appeared in the compound,questioning an old farmer.’Stealthily,we move,waiting for a right opportunity to spring an attack.’Looks like they assumed we’re hiding here.’Mustapha whispered to us.Realizing these idiots will kill him,the old man signalled us,’Alright, let’s top these bastards before they kill the old man.’Using our suppressed weapon,we killed the soldiers,allowing the farmer to escape.’Pick up their supplies.That should help us long enough.’Gaz reminded us about that before we leave.


We leave the farm while at the same time,remain vigilant on any movement.Then,I see a helicopter emerge.’Sir,chopper’s around the corner.’To buy some time,the old man tell us to go prone,preventing their lights from showing our position.’Stay down,chaps.Don’t do anything stupid.’He reminded us while we go prone.Once the chopper disappear,we immediately move forward to another house across the field.However,several lorries appeared,carrying a large number of Ultranationalist forces.’Sir,hostiles 3 o’clock!’Abbas exclaim.’Return fire now!’Captain Price ordered us to return fire,buying ourselves more time.Then,the chopper appear,lowering down more troops.’Baseplate,where the hell those plane?We’re being pinned down right here!’Gaz radioed our HQ,asking the whereabouts of our assistance.However,the response is negative,’Bravo Five,AC-130 is still far away from your position.They’ll be there in 15.’Hearing that response,the old man ordered Gaz to open the door while we continue providing covering fire.’Door’s open,sir.’Hearing that,Captain Price urging us to enter the house.’Damn it,we’re being boxed in.’Abbas exclaim in frustration.’We can turn this around.Soap,scout the area.’Captain Price retorted his view.We reach upstair and opened fire towards the remaining resistance.We killed a large numbers of the Ultrantionalist.Others are fleeing like rats.’That should teach them a bit.’I said to Abbas,providing some respite for us before making further grounds.


As we head outside,a sudden silent hit the scene.’Looks quiet.Where they’re going?’Nikolai asking.I replied to him,’Probably regrouping.Trying to cut us far ahead.’Still,the old man tell us to remain vigilant.His hunch is correct.Out of nowhere,more Ultranationalists appear,trying to cut us down.Worse,dogs appear on the scene.’Dogs.I hate dogs!’I exclaim furiously.’Look at the bright side.At least,you can confront your fear.’Abbas joked.A fierce firefight occur and after several minutes,we managed to kill them all,including those bloody dogs.’Hold on.The helicopter is back.’Gaz inform us about it.’It doesn’t look like they know where we are.Let’s keep it that way.’The old man commented.As we reach the second field,leaving behind the abandon warehouse,Abbas inform us,’Sir,those buggers are here.Worse,they have flashlights.’After hearing this information,he decided that we need to go stealthily,dividing us into two groups.Abbas and Nikolai will head out first,followed by me,Gaz and him.That tactic is working until one of the troops spotted our movement.’Damn it.We’re compromised.Open fire!’Gaz issued his orders.Realizing the chooper might turn around,we immediately headed to a greenhouse.However,more idiots are waiting for us there.


‘More Ultranationalists!Take them out!’We sweep the area,making sure no one is alive there.However,that bloody chopper is increasingly annoying us,continue to provide covering fire for ground units below.’Watch for the helicopter.Find some overhead cover!Captain Price remind us about that.Eventually,we reach another barn and mop up any last resistance.’Captain Price! We’ve got Stinger missiles in the barn!’Abbas inform him upon his discovery.’Nice work.Soap!Grab a Stinger and take out that chopper.Move!’Captain Price tells me to get it done.At first,that chopper refuse to go down,releasing some flares.Angered with that,Gaz exclaim,’ Bloody hell, he’s popping flares! This won’t be easy! Soap, grab another Stinger and fire again! Let’s put him to the test!’Eventually,that bloody Hind is finally down.’Bloody nice shooting,mate.’Abbas praise me for my accuracy.’Good work.Everyone on me.Let’s move out.’Captain Price then lead us to an open road where he made contact with Baseplate.’Baseplate,this is Bravo Six.Any information over AC-130?’Baseplate replied,’Bravo Six, be advised,that AC-130 is entering your airspace at this time. Out.’After a few moments,our assistance is finally here.’Bravo Six, this is Warhammer standing by. Heard you could use some help down there. Call the shot.’The old man later briefed Warhammer on our situation allowing them to open fire towards hostiles.Looking those explosions making us very happy.’Ah, that’s bloody outrageous, mate!’Gaz exclaim joyously.Still,it’s still a long way to go to reach our extraction site.At least,having that should help our cause to send Nikolai to Hamburg.


After several hours on the ground,escaping from Ultranationalists persecution with assistance from Warhammer,we finally reach the extraction site.’Sir,looks like that’s our ride.’Abbas commented.Still,as we leave Eastern Russia,they still trying to knock us down.Fortunately,with Warhammer on our side,any resistance is quashed immediately.’Nikolai,are you alright?’I asked him.It seems the fight had taken a toll on him.Noticing my anxiousness,he assures me,’My friend,I’ll be fine.’Captain Price further assures me,’Don’t worry.Once we reach Hamburg,he’ll receive proper medical care.’