Today,while reading my newspaper,I’m quite surprise when certain quarters of fans for Perak Football Club condemn their own team for signing Serbian striker,Razar Popovic.According to claims made by these disgruntled fans,Perak’s action to sign Popovic showed their insensitivity towards Balkan War that occur 20 years ago.They also questioned why the team should sign him while there are other alternatives out there.Well,for a start,I called these fans narrow minded and idiots.Why?Because while they condemning this signing,at the same time,some I believe supported teams that has Serbian nationality in it.For example Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United),former captain for his national team.How about Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea) and Stefan Savic (Manchester City)?These men,they proud donning their national colors,while playing against other national teams.I would like to ask,is there any complain from fans from these teams?NO!Why?!Because these fans are open minded and they also know to draw a line between sports and politics!I’m absolutely incensed with their double standards.Then,if they need to sign another replacement,the cost will be very high.Free agents are everywhere and yet,their quality remains unknown.The last thing the team need is to take a hit if that player failed to perform according to his standards.Put yourself in their bloody shoes for once.Be grateful the team signed two foreign players not only to raise the competition among players but also to increase our status as the new powerhouse in Southeast Asia.Plus,I would like to make a point.Edin Dzeko (Manchester City),one of the most powerful striker in the Premier League is a Bosnian and a Muslim.And yet,he has no qualms playing alongside Savic or against Vidic.How about other Muslim players in the Premier League like Savic’s colleagues,Kolo and Yaya Toure,Chieck Tiote (Newcastle United) and Mohamed Diame (Wigan Athletic)?Same results right?Now stop complaining and continue to support your team.