My brothers and my sisters,if you read this,then you must know,the revolution must be continued.Right now,our brothers in Syria and Yemen,continuously being pressed mercilessly without any end about it.These so-called leaders,they actually spineless without the presence of military.They are weak without their wealth,without connections they’re hapless,unreliable,without their clans,they’re nothing,nothing at all.Look what happen to Gaddafi and Mubarak.With their wealth and power in their disposal,they like king of the world.Untouchable,no one dare to lay a finger on them.And then,everything change.On the run or arrested by their own,not even their own thrown appear to save their own skin.No one ever wonder,these giants will finally fall at the hands of these what Gaddafi called cowards and traitors.The truth is leaders like al-Assad,Mubarak,Ben Ali and Abdullah Salleh are real traitors to your people.They squandered your wealth for their own interest.They manipulated the law to ensure their position remain unchallenged.They silenced your voice to ensure your plight never reach the echelons of the world.They cooperate with superpowers in order to sustain enough support at times like this.These men,are they worthy to be elected as leaders?You defiantly said NO!NO to these traitors!Then you know what you have to do!Reclaim your lost country and stake your claim for freedom,justice and equality!No one will stop you,not even the idiots in Kremlin,Peking,White House,Paris and Downing Street!Rise and reclaim your homeland!!!