Russian blues started to bombard members of United Russia hard,very hard.For all these years,they thought they will be opposed only by opposition sides.Now,Russian people bringing the fight to their doorstep.Disillusioned,betrayed,forgotten and abandoned by their own rulers,what better way to teach these so-called politicians by crashing their party and demanded the government to set up a new election.For all these years,these men and women failed to listen and lend a hand to reduce your plight.Continuous injustice with people’s right,your voice have been silent,your disgruntlement have been swept under the rug to prevent it from ever reaching the outside world.Now,after witnessing your brothers and sisters emerging victorious in their revolution,toppling down their most hated figure of all in Middle East,what better way than bringing the wind of revolution towards their doorstep.Nepotism and corruption are kings on your homeland.Racism is a cancer,a ticking time bomb,waiting to explode,destroying your unity.Tell me,my brothers,are you want to sit still and do nothing while injustice ran amok like wildfire?You will answer defiantly NO!Surely you will not let this go unanswered.The gap between the rich and the poor are getting wider.Tell me,is there any equality for that?NO!Then my brothers,fight your way,time to force the government to change its way before the curtain is falling on theirs.Tell them,if they’re worthy to rule your country,then buck up.Otherwise,the actors may have to leave the stage very,very early!