17th April 2011


1130 GMT


Adam Lang

Prime Minister of Great Britain


It’s almost midnight when I received that call.At that time,I’m so busy,preparing myself for my presentation in the Parliament.Despite some of my staffs insists I should get some rest,I denied their request gently.Tomorrow,my presentation will determine my fate either in the government itself or the party.Tomorrow,I shall present my motion,to launch a full military invasion towards Kuwait on humanitarian ground.I know,both members,from my own party,Conservative Party and members of the opposition will have a field day on this.I’m aware,my failure in Iraq and Afghanistan have tainted my image greatly.Still,if my calculation is right,we’ll be the ones will reap the rewards.


‘Sir,you have a phone call.’My secretary,Laura Wellens informs me about that incoming call.’If that’s from Ruth,tell her that I’m busy.’Recently,I found out my wife’s infidelity by accident after returning from China.Ruth accidentally let slip her affair with Russell Crane,a senior figure inside the party while having our dinner.At first,she refused to admit it,even as far claiming I had an affair with my own secretary to counter my allegation.Eventually,Crane revealed the truth,I assume no longer able to handle continuous deception,crafted by Ruth.Cornered,she eventually reveal the truth and begged me to accept her again.However,I had enough with her antics.For years,Ruth’s bad advice cost me a lot,jeopardizing my position,both in the party and the government itself,my image was badly tarnished and losing many great friends.Several days ago,I decided to seek divorce with her.Despite the fact that I’m still in love with her,her affair as well as her advice cost me everything.I believe separation might be the best for both of us.


‘Sir,it’s not Ruth.It’s from Washington.President Taylor is on the line.’When I heard President Taylor is mentioned,I tell my staffs to call the night and return home.I knew,if Graham personally called,it must be very serious.I tell Laura to reroute his call to my office.’It’s been awhile,Graham.Is there anything I could do for you,my friend?’When he heard that,his tone seemingly change,’Is it too obvious,Adam?’Then giggles started to appear in our faces,a good way to relief some mounting pressure.’Adam,I don’t think I could wait for you for the invasion.I already ordered Joint Chiefs to start the assault tomorrow morning.’I’m quite surprise because several hours before that,after receiving mandate from Security Council,we issued a joint statement,cooperating on this assault.Now,everything change.’You know,attacking al-Assad without full intel on his strength is bloody suicidal.This is a huge gamble,Graham.’My tone change dramatically.However,he assures me,’I can assure you,Adam.Everything will be just fine.Besides,al-Assad is not like Gaddafi or Saddam.We make mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past,but here,this is the chance for redemption.’


According to intel provided SIS,al-Assad may only possess thousands of militias and plenty of weapons in his armory.However,recently,the fact that a-Assad tried to acquire a nuclear warhead from Russia proved someone else behind his rise to power.’Laura,I know it’s getting late but will you please summon members of the cabinet.It’s important.’I tell Laura to contact the cabinet to brief them on this latest development.An hour later,everyone is present in the meeting room.I then briefed them the ongoing situation involving Kuwait including my last conversation with Graham Taylor.’Now ladies and gentlemen,should we proceed with our plan or we let the Parliament to decide on this?’Defence Minister,Edward Teague replied with an urgent tone,’I say,we must proceed with our allies to strike Kuwait hard.I can order the military to be deployed for the next several hours.’However,newly appointed Foreign Secretary,Shane O’Hanlon send a simple rebuke,’You bugger.Haven’t we learn anything from our failures in Iraq and Afghanistan.Because of our rash decision,we almost lost the election.Britons do not want to be in that mud again.’Furious with O’Hanlon’s stance,he angrily replied,’Alright,Shane.If you believe invasion is not an option,then you better resigned.You do not support the interest of this country!’The argument almost turned into a fistfight but both managed to be calmed by other members of the cabinet.’What do you think,Alan?’I asked my deputy,Alan Manning on this issue.He replied,’I believe,we need to ask members of Parliament(MP) on this issue.I can understand our concern about the latest report from MI6,that al-Assad may attempted to possess a nuclear weapon,but we cannot repeat the same mistake all over again.Otherwise,this could be the end of the road for all of us.’SIS chief,Baljit Singh concurred with him,’Sir,I believe for the interest of our nation,I suggest we should launch more reconnaissance before making our last decision.Sending our troops there rashly could cost us sir.I’m sorry,Mr.Teague.But,at the moment,invasion is unlikely.’After listening to every view,I decided not to push ahead the invasion.Instead,I decided to consult other MPs and experts to seek new ways to increase the pressure towards al-Assad.Teague later confronted me,’You’re a coward,Adam.’Incensed with his insult,I push him to the wall,’Call me anything you like,Ed.But I’m doing this for our country.They entrusted us to continue governing this country responsibily and with integrity.I don’t know why you still insists war is an option.I’m the one who called the shot on this matter.If you’re not happy with my decision,resign from your post and I handed it to someone even better!’Surprised with my outburst,he replied with a sombre tone,’You shall have my resignation letter tomorrow morning.’Everyone is shocked with Teague’s decision with Manning whispered,’You should persuade him back.He’s still has a lot of supporters.This is not what we want.’I can only sighed with disappointment,telling Manning,’Alan,it’s true what you said.But I want people who can work with me and the people.I’m afraid he fails miserably on this.’


18th April 2011


Sergeant Paul Jackson

1st Force Recon,Marine Corp


0830 GMT


As ordered by our administration of our country,we’re here in this alien environment.For veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan,it’s like walk in the park.Everything seems to be normal for them.Others like me find it very difficult to adapt ourselves.Fortunately,our COs,Lieutenant Perez and Staff Sergeant Griggs helped us overcoming this seemingly invisible barrier.’Alright,Marines!Listen up!Spotters have a possible fix on Al-Asad in a building at the west end of this town. We’re gonna secure the perimeter and grab Al-Asad. Oorah? Lock and load!’He said to us while heading to what is believed al-Assad’s hideout following al-Fulani’s execution.’You’re alright,Jackson?’Griggs asked me.I replied,’Fine,sir.Thanks for asking.’While arriving in his hideout,we’re being greeted with gunfire and RPGs,targeting us.Despite of all that,we managed to land safely and breaching his hideout.However,the man that we want is not present.


‘Overlord,this is Red Dog,target building is clear but no sign of al-Assad,over.’Lieutenant Perez inform Overlord over our progress.Then,Overlord replied,’Solid copy,Red Dog.We have a new location for you.al-Assad is hiding in a tv station,half a click to your east.Proceed to your next location,over.’He accepted this new order and relay back to us,’ Heads up! I just got word Al-Asad is broadcasting half a click east of here at a TV station. We’re gonna move out on foot and take down the package there. Move out.’As we head to the station,more militias appeared,confirming that al-Assad might be present in that location.’Damn it,these guys don’t want to give up.’I exclaimed frustratedly towards the numbers of militias appear before us.’Well,look at the bright side.At least,we know why they’re here,protecting their leader perhaps.’My squadmate,Tim Massey tried to cheer me up.Eventually,after a gruelling firefight with the militias,we safely reach the tv station,regroup with other Marine units.


We stormed the station with Lieutenant Perez upfront.Inside,more firefights occurred with militias,increasingly desperate to protect Khaled al-Assad,even resorting to RPG and sniper rifle,in attempt to kill us,at the cost of their own comrades.Despite of that,we moped them all and regroup with Griggs,continuing our search for al-Assad.As we reach the studio,al-Assad’s voice is heard inside.’I think he’s in there. I hear him.’Griggs suggested towards our CO.Lieutenant Perez ordered several Marines to breach the door.Once we’re inside,al-Assad is nowhere to be seen.’Sir,al-Assad fooled us yet again.The broadcast is just a recording.’I informed him on our search.Griggs,cynically continued,’Yeah…score one for military intelligence!’Frustrated with our findings,Lieutenant Perez contacted Overlord,’Overlord,this is Red Dog.No sign of al-Assad.The broadcast is a recording, over.’After a few moments,Overlord responds,’Solid copy,Red Dog.We have a new assignment for your squad.Regroup with the rest of units.Over.’He replied,’Solid copy,Overlord.’He later tells us to gear up for our next assignment.


2030 GMT


That night,my unit along with other Marines are ordered to secure the front lines from militias grasp,allowing other units to proceed and secure our stronghold,allowing us to plot our next moves.Once we secure it,the path towards Presidential Palace is wide open.However,al-Assad’s men,knowing its importance,tried their very best to protect it.This is the also the reason Overlord send us to recover a M1A2 Abrams tank,call sign ‘War Pig’ while at the same time pushing these militias back.’What’s the new order,sir?’one of the Marines asking.Lieutenant Perez replied,’Alpha Company’s tank is stuck half a click north of here. We gotta hustle! Let’s go!’However,gunfire emerge from a ruined building,killing tens of Marines.Realizing we’re being pinned down,our COs tell us to reach that building and clear it immediately.Slowly,but surely,we managed to eliminate remaining resistance inside.Suddenly,Overlord informed us,more hostiles appear,converging towards the tank.Lieutenant Perez tell us to get to the other side of the building to reach Alpha Company.


However,more militias appear on the rear of the building,showing heavy resistance.’Damn it. Sir there’s a ton of ’em out there!’I can hear Griggs exclaiming his surprise over the numbers of militias.However,the lieutenant responded,’Shut up and keep ’em pinned down!’Eventually,gunfire is no longer erupted on their side,meaning all of them are dead or fleeing the site.As we move towards Alpha Company’s location,I see something.’Sir,tanks on the overpass.’Lieutenant Perez tell Private West to destroy those tanks while we provide covering fire.Then,West is killed,forcing me to use the Javelin to eliminate those tanks.All tanks are destoryed,allowing us to proceed.However,a disturbing message appear on the radio,’Bravo Six, we’re taking heavy fire on our position north of the overpass! Where the hell are you?!’Realizing time is not on our side,the lieutenant urging us to move quickly while assuring Alpha Six,help is on the way.


We arrived on the site,providing covering fire to Alpha Company.Then,seeing a flank between us,he tells me,’Jackson,get to the other side and crushed their flow.’Confident with my ability,I ordered several Marines with me to attack the flank,weakening their defence in the process.Despite continuous flow of enemies,we finally arrived on the other side of the building,allowing us to push even further while protecting the tank.However,bad news come in form of Overlord,’Bravo Six,be advised. More hostiles have assembled to the west of your position, over.’Aware their presence will overwhelmed us,Lieutenant Perez asking for air support,’Two Charlie, Bravo Six! Requesting air support for fire mission, over!’However Two Charlie refuse to assist unless the ZPU,responsible for taking down tens,if not hunderds of aircraft,to be destoyed.With urgency,he ordered me and several Marines to destroy the ZPU.Eventually,we reach the ZPU and destoyed the site within minutes.This allowed our air support to come in and destroyed every last remaining resistance.Those who survived escape,giving us some breathing room,allowing us to plot our next move.Griggs tell the remaining members to converge back to the tank.Once we there,Lieutenant Perez explain his plan,’Listen up. We don’t have much time to get this tank out of here. We’ll take up defensive positions around the bog here, here, and here, and buy the engineers some time to get the tank moving. Oorah?’Everyone nodded,understand the orders.As planned,we take defensive position,hoping by that time,we’re have an upper hand against these militias.