Despite that breakup happen last Saturday,it’s still hard for me to imagine to commit such acts.I have to admit,this is by far,the hardest decision I’ve ever made but I believe it’s the right thing to do.I felt for her,to be honest.She’s innocent,instead I’m the one should feel guilty towards her.For several weeks,continuous call and chat from me bombarding her inbox,making her insecure and annoyed.Despite those messages come in form of greetings,I can tell she’s no longer bothered to reply nor receive it.I think my biggest mistake is to tell her my true feelings.It’s been a while we’re being friends,try to watch each other out.And then,I dropped that bloody bombshell.My gut tells me,don’t do it but I’m adamant,whether she like it or not,I will tell her the truth no matter the consequence.In the end,I’m on that receiving end,devastated,disappointed,crushed.You name it,it’s hard.My pride is badly bruised.Everything turned sour with she started to distance herself away from me.I tried to reverse everything back to normal but it’s too late.That reason forced me to erase everything that linked to her.If anyone asked me who’s this lucky girl,there is no way I’ll provide her name.I will only describe her as pretty,kind-hearted,cheerful and very warm.The last thing I want to do is to humiliate her by providing her real name.I want to see her dignity,her pride remain intact.Although I can still feel the pain but I hope someday,maybe we’re be friends once again.Maybe we’re not compatible at all.