17th April 2011


1030 GMT


Vladimir Makarov

6th Division,Ultranationalist Party


After we leave Kuwait,Zakhaev instructed his main lieutenants including me to start rounding up soldiers or officers,suspected for assisting either Loyalists or Western forces that led to the demise of our freighter in Bering Sea.I do not believe we have traitors among our ranks.However,recent intel provided by Alex forcing me to reconsider my opinion.’Sir,I think we find something.’Alex,my second-in-command inform me on the latest situation.’What do we have,Alex?’He whispered to me slowly,fearful that someone may caught our conversation,’We’ve find a radio hidden in the bushes.We believe that rat may use it to relay those information to Western intelligence.’Satisfied with that,I then asked,’Do we know who?’He shake his head and said,’No,so far we find nothing.It seems our betrayer is good hiding his tracks,sir.I’m afraid we have to wait until midnight to find that out.’Realizing we’re closer than ever to pursue the culprit,I ordered him and several men to set a trap to lure our rat out from his hiding spot.


As planned,Alex and I along with other militia commanders discussing our next move to overrun Loyalists movement in Caucasus.I tell them to speak loudly to increase our chances to capture that dreadful rat.As our discussion become even more serious,suddenly,one of our men,tasking to monitor our meeting,radioed Alex.’Sir,we spotted a figure outside your tent.After several minutes,that figure is moving towards the radio we discovered earlier.’Alex then whispered to me,’Sir,we have him!’Satisfied with the outcome,I immediately head out along with several commanders to identify that traitor.As we slowly closer to that communication site,I can hear clearly their conversation.’Circus,this is Nikolai.I have new information regarding Ultranationalists movement.’I look to my commanders and asked quietly,’Who is this Nikolai?’One of them,Commander Vasili Kievsky regretfully informed me,’Sir,he’s one of my men.I believe he’s responsible transporting our cargo to that freighter.’My blood started to boil hearing this information.’Do you know anything about this?!’Kievsky replied slowly,’No,sir.I do not know anything about this!I apologize if I failed you!’Looking at his expression,I know he’s telling the truth.I later ordered my men to converge and arrest Nikolai immediately.


‘Nikolai,put that radio down.Turn around and put your hand on your head!’One of the soldiers shouted to him.Realizing he’s being compromised,he tried to reach his gun but my men managed to capture him.’You traitor.You brought shame to me and our cause.’After a few moments,I continued,’Who is the Circus?’Nikolai said nothing at all.Enraged with his stance,I ordered my men to torture him to find out who exactly ordering him to do such dreaded thing against his own comrades.I later called Zakhaev,telling him about our capture.’Sir,we just captured our betrayer.’Zakhaev,delighted to hear the news,asked me,’Did he divulge any information regarding the West or Loyalists?’With a frustrating tone,’I replied,’No,sir.But I tell my men to force him to talk.If there’s any new development,I shall informed you.’Seemingly satisfied with my job,he later ordered me to return to Kuwait because he wants me to do something on al-Assad’s behalf.


Muhammad Bakr

Director of MI6


1500 GMT


The world is still reeling after hearing Yasir al-Fulani’s demise at the hands of al-Assad.I myself could not believe it.But it is the truth.

‘President Yasir al-Fulani is murdered on national television by military general,Khaled al-Assad.It is believed the reason behind al-Fulani’s murder to show the world that corrupt figures like al-Fulani should be killed for collaborating with the West.However,experts believe al-Assad’s motive is to terrorize al-Fulani supporters and strengthen his grip on Kuwait.World leaders denounced al-Assad’s action and called him to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.’


‘Meanwhile,in Washington,President of United States,James Wilcox will seek consent from United Nation Security Council to declare military action against al-Assad’s regime.’


I switch off the telly,no longer able to process those information in my mind.I thought this is worse,but then,another bad weather appear.’Sir,we might face some predicament.’Intel Officer Michael Turner appear in my office.From his body language and facial expression,I can tell,something fishy is going on.’What is it,Mr.Turner?’Slowly,but surely,he break the news,’Sir,our informant have been compromised.The Loyalists failed to make contact with him for the last several hours.It seems like Ultranationalists may have him in custody.’I’m absolutely surprised with that revelation.’As far as I know,our operation have gone smoothly as being planned.There is no way they’ve caught the wind unless..’Turner continued my last sentence,’We have a traitor among us,sir.’I punched the table loudly in frustration.First,al-Fulani’s murder.Now,this.’Mr.Turner,make contact with Hereford.We need to get him ASAP.Tell them,failure is not an option.One way or another,we need to extract him immediately!’


18th April 2011


0030 GMT


Captain John Price

22nd Regiment,SAS


‘Captain Price,al-Assad just executed President al-Fulani on national television.’Gaz discussed about al-Assad while we’re heading to Caucasus Mountain to extract our HVI.I can only shake my head in disbelief after watching his execution.Still,there’s work to be done.’Americans have plans for al-Assad and it’s too late to do anything for al-Fulani.But in less than three hours,Nikolai will be executed in Russia.’Abbas asked me,’Why this man is so important,sir?’I replied,’Well,Mustapha,he’s our informant in the Ultranationalist camp.He’s the one who provide the intel on the cargoship operation.’Soap interrupted,’Looks like we need to do it fast.I’m not sure we can pull this out.’I tell him,’Looks like it.Still,we need to walk him out.Besides,we have friends down there.’


We’re slowly entered the hostile teritory,cautious with our movement.To ensure our movement is smooth and quiet,I ordered them to use suppressed weapons only.The last thing we need is to attract a lot of attention.’The Loyalists expecting us half a click to the north.Move out.’While moving,Gaz asked me who exactly these Loyalists.I replied,’These men will not shoot you on sight,if that’s what you’re asking.’Seemingly relief with my answer,he then said,’Well,that’s good enough for me,sir.’As we approached the first guard post,Abbas whispered to me,’Sir,four tangos upfront.’I signalled them to take them out swiftly.Quietly,they went down without alerting the rest of the guard.As we make further ground,Soap commented on their situation,’Looks like they relax a bit.Guess they’re not expecting us.’Realizing this is a great opportunity,I tell Soap to plant some claymores while me and the rest of the team hiding,waited for them to appear.’Make some noise,mate.’Soap then scream,waking them from their snooze.And then,a loud sound breaking the silence.’Good night.Let’s go.’We left the dead and went to our meeting point as promised.


‘Sir,you smell that?’As we getting closer to our meeting point,we could smell a very distinctive scent.’Ya.It’s Kamarov.’I then tell Abbas to make signals to inform them about our present.Barely a few minutes,he appeared with his AK-47 held in the air.’Welcome to the new Russia,Captain Price.’Kamarov welcome us as other Loyalist forces appear from the grass.Before we leave Hereford,Baseplate inform us that Loyalists want some assistance while rescuing our HVI.I assume this is it.’What’s the target Kamarov?We got an informant to recover.’Kamarov briefed us on that,’The Ultranationalists have BM21’s on the other side of the hill. Their rockets have killed hundreds of civilians in the valley below.’He later ordered his men to take postion for the assault.I pull him to one side,reminded him,’Not so fast,mate.I still hope you remember Beirut.You’re with us.’Kamarov smiled on that and replied,’Hmm,I guess I owe you one.’Annoyed with his answer,Gaz interrupted,’Bloody right you do.’


Both forces headed towards the hill with the Loyalists,slowly,quietly descending the hill taking position,waiting for Kamarov’s signal.’This way.There’s a good place for your sniper to cover my men.’He later pointed to a fence gap over the ridge,a perfect place to eliminate any hostile.’Soap,Abbas take your position.’Both of them slowly approaching the fence,pointing their sniper rifle towards the valley.Abbas give a signal,telling that they’re ready.Acknowledging their status,I informed,’Sniper team in position.Gaz,covered the left flank.’He acknowledged his position,’Roger,cover the left flank.’We immediately snipe sentries upfront,allowing the Loyalists to storm the village.’Sir,machine gunners in the window!’Soap informed me about their presence.Swiftly,we eliminate the gunners and provide covering fire for Loyalists forces to make further ground.I then realized both Abbas and Soap eliminate hostiles with such precision and excellent timing,prompted a quick praise from me,’Nice shot,boys.MacMillan would be impressed.’


However,that good feeling is quickly disappear when Kamarov swearing,’Damn!Enemy helicopters!’Annoyed with their presence,my blood started to boil,’You didn’t say there would be any helicopters, Kamarov.’Kamarov replied,’I didn’t say there wouldn’t be any either. We need to protect my men from those helicopter troops. This way!’As we move through a burn house,I reminded him about our priorities,’Make it quick Kamarov. I want that informant.’He assured me that once we destroyed that BM21,we would carve straight to our path.Gaz,a bit upset with Kamarov’s continuous diversion suggested,’We should just beat it out of him,sir.’Abbas added,’I agree.He’s dragging our progress,sir.’However,I tell them to resist that temptation for a while and focus on assisting the Loyalists.As we getting nearer to the power station,Ultranationalist forces drop their troops,forcing us to engage in a fierce firefight with them.Despite the odds against us,we managed to stave off their attack and nulify it in no time.I thought we would rappel down and extract Nikolai in matter of minutes.However,Kamarov’s request starting to increase my boiling temperature.’Captain Price, my men have run into heavy resistance. Help me support them from the cliffs.’Irritated with his request,I present my case,’What about our informant? He’s running out of time!’Realizing my tone is different,Kamarov pleaded to us to assist their operation.Eventually,I relented and tell the rest of the team to eliminate hostiles down below.However,at the same time,I tell Gaz and Abbas to get ready if Kamarov continues his diversion.Satisfied with his men progress,he said,’Good! Now we are making progress. Follow me to the power station.’


Once we reach the power station,he asked us for one last favor.No longer able to contain their anger,I signalled Gaz and Abbas to push him and holds him of the ledge.’Where is the informant,Kamarov?’Gaz angrily questioned him about our HVI’s whereabouts.’What you’re doing?Are you crazy?’Kamarov frantically trying to save his own skin.’ Посмотрите, Kamarov.Just дать нам location.If Николая я тебя, я сделаю это прямо сейчас!’Abbas tells him not to stall.When Gaz pressed him once again,he finally relented,’ The house… the house at the northeast end of village!’Satisfied with his answer,both Gaz and Abbas finally put him down.’I told you.That wasn’t hard.Stop dragging us next time.’Gaz voiced his frustration and tells Kamarov not to repeat the same conduct again.With the battle ensues down below,I tell them,’Alright,boys.We’ve got to reach that house before anything happens to the informant. Let’s go!’


We rappel down from the power station,leaving Kamarov behind.I feel guilty doing that to our own ally and yet,such conduct like that could jeopardize our original mission,rescuing Nikolai from his ordeal.Hopefully,he learn his lesson.’Sir,more tangos inside those houses.’Soap briefed me on that.Knowing with Loyalists behind us to mop up this resistance,I decided to split up the team with Soap and I assault the first house while Gaz and Abbas take on the second.Finally,their resistance is finally put to bed,allowing us to reach Nikolai’s location.’Gaz and Abbas,cut down the power.Soap,get ready.’A few moments later,Gaz informed us,’Alright.I’ve cut the power.Go.’We killed every last guards inside swiftly without alerting Nikolai’s guard.’Throwing a flash bang!’Abbas throw a flash bang inside the room,causing his guard incapasitate,allowing us to secure Nikolai safely.Once everything is secure,I radioed our extraction team to get us out of here.’ Big Bird this is Bravo Six. We have the package. Meet us at LZ one. Over.’Big Bird responded,’Bravo Six this is Big Bird. We’re on our way. Out.’A few minutes after making contact,our ride is here.While the team tried to make themselves comfortbale,Nikolai asked me,’Have the Americans already attacked Al-Asad?’I answered,’No, their invasion begins in a few hours! Why you’re asking?’Nikolai later tells me that America’s decision to invade Kuwait is a mistake.Somehow,I wonder if that execution is actually a distraction to lure us away from our current battle against the Ultranationalists.