Several days ago,in respond to the report announced by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),Iran decided to downgrade its tie with Britain.This later led to an assault on British Consulate by Iranian students who felt British do not deserve to be in their home soil due to their support for additional sanction towards Iran.Since then,both sides tirelessly tried to defuse the ongoing row between both nations,saying despite their differences in a number of issues,they still committed to keep their ties.As an observer,I can understand the reason Iranians attacked British Consulate to express their frustration and anguish towards the West.They felt the report published this week is absolutely bias and malicious towards Iran’s cause.They also felt efforts led by America and Israel are nothing more to destroy their pride as a nation and further stamped their authorities in Middle East.But this assault is not the best solution for your country.For how long you want to see your beloved country appeared in mainstream media for plenty of wrong reason?If I were your president,I’ll be honest about our nuclear program and even invited foreign leaders to witness our own facility with their very own eyes.For years,media has painted Iran in a very bad image.To remove those images,it’s better for you to come clean about it.At the same time,Iran should drag Israel together because for the last several years,Israel believed may have possessed nuclear warheads in their arsenal and they refused to allow IAEA inspectors to inspect their facility.What a better way for Iran than humiliate his opponent by showing his aces and come clean over its nuclear program while forcing its worst enemy to do the same?Iranians want a fair treatment towards their beloved nation because while they continue to face further sanctions from the West,Israel instead continued its program and receive assistance from their allies in the other side of Mediterranean and Atlantic.They clearly stated their program is to generate electricity to reduce their energy cost while Israelis refused to disclose their program openly.Every single person on the planet want IAEA to be fair to everyone including Israel.If Iran face sanction over this matter,then Israel should suffer as well.People will say my post may sound bias and partial but let’s put thinking cap on your head and think,why Israel refuse to sign a treaty that banned the production of nuclear weapons?Why Israel prevented any IAEA inspectors from inspecting their facility if it’s true they have nothing to hide?Most importantly,is it true Iran is a new threat to everyone while the real foe is hiding behind the shadow?Ask yourself that before commenting on this issue.Lastly,my apologies if my post seems a bit harsh but there is a need in me to express my opinion on this issue.