17th April 2011

Vladimir Makarov
6th Division,Ultranationalist Party

‘What do you mean we’ve being compromised?’My tone changed when my second-in-command,Alex inform the presence of SAS assault team on that freighter.’Well,sir.It looks like someone may have leaked our shipment to the West.If not,how they managed to locate that freighter without any assistance except there’s a traitor among us.’He explain calmly,still I can feel his nervousness,fearful he might be executed for being sloppy and ignorant.’Tell me,they find anything that could tie us back?’I asked him again,to confirm my suspicion,allowing me to report back to Zakhaev immediately and plotting our next move.Alex then replied,’We manage to intercept several transmission between our foes and the West.It seems they fully aware about our ties with al-Assad.’He then continued,’But I can assure you,sir.I send several MIGs to sink that freighter,preventing any loose ends that could tie us back.’Curious with their fate,I asked,’What about the assault team?’He replied,’Sir,I believe they may have escape before the ship is sinking.’When I heard that,I knew this mean trouble.

‘Sir,we may face some problem.’As I briefed him on the incident,I knew he’s furious losing that precious shipment.After a few moments,Zakhaev asked me,a damning question that I feel reluctant to answer,’Tell me,who exactly inform the West about the freighter and that cargo?As far as I know,apart from al-Assad’s loyalists,only we knew its nature.’Noticing my discomfort to answer his question confim his worst fear.Fearful our operation will be known in a short time,he later tells me to sort it out and find that elusive traitor.Still,even after this incident,I still wonder if we can pull this out.’Sir,if they knew about our shipment,then I’ll bet they know our roles behind this coup.’Noticing my nervousness,he then assured me,’Vladimir,there’s nothing to worry about.Even if they managed to realize our roles,it will be too late and by then,we’re already ahead to secure our Motherland.’Zakhaev then ordered me and his son,Viktor to secure Yasir al-Fulani and bring him to Khaled al-Assad.

Yasir al-Fulani
President of Kuwait Republic

I never thought I’ll be betrayed by my own countrymen.But then again,when it comes to power,one will do whatever means necessary to gain it.Even crossing that line.’Look what you have done to our country.’One of my captors punched me and called me a traitor.’Because of you,Kuwait is no longer embodied the spirit of revolution.You and you’re Western allies are the ones who responsible for that.’Despite my condition,restrain and weak due to my imprisonment here,I delivered a simple rebuke,’What about you?Collaborating with that Russian?All of you are traitors to the republic!’All my captors immediately went silent,realizing my point.Then I continued,’Several minutes ago,all of you sound very arrogant.Now,you’re quiet.I guess you’re cowards after all!’Angered with my insult,they beat me mercilessly until one of them receive a phone call.After a few moments,he tells them,’That’s enough.al-Assad wants him alive.Take him out.The ride is here.’

As I being carried outside,I see soldiers persecute and execute civilians who dare defying al-Assad’s reign over them.Then I heard his speech,saying this is the age of revolution in Kuwait,mark a new beginning for our country.It’s a lie.While other nations in Middle East rise against their oppressors to stake their freedom and justice,he did this to mask his collaboration with those fools.When I see the car,I knew al-Assad want to face me in person to strengthen his propaganda war,ending any hope for resistance here.As I being forced to enter the car,I tried to resist but one soldier beat me with an AK-47 rifle,forcing me back into the car.As I regain my consciousness,I then realized the men in the car are Zakhaev’s associates,his own son,Viktor and one of the most wanted terrorist in the world,Vladimir Makarov.Viktor brandished his Mini-Utzi in front of me,an attempt to scare me if I do anything stupid.’You see that,Mr.President.If I’m you,sit tight and be quiet.’Makarov warned me.He later drive us to the presidential palace as instructed by his superiors.

As we headed to our destination,suddenly Viktor receives a phone call,I assume from his father.’Viktor,where are you?The crowds are waiting for his arrival.’Viktor replied,’Father,we’re on our way to the presidential palace.We should be there in 5 minutes.’As he hang up,Makarov asked him,’What your father want from us?’Viktor then replied,’He wants to know when we’ll arrive.I tell him we’ll be there in five.’Then he look towards me,’I’m sorry,Mr.President.Nothing personal.It’s just business as far as I know.I sympathize with your fate.But we need this to secure our foothole back in our homeland.’I dismissed his sympathetic gesture,’You called yourself a Muslim,but you,your father and al-Assad ordered those brutal murders towards civilians.I don’t need your sympathy.Using us as a sacrificial lamb to further strengthen your cause.You’re nothing like those fools.’Makarov,furious with my tone,interrupted,’Watch your words,Mr.President.You’re lucky al-Assad wants to keep you alive,at least for now.If I were him,I should killed you on site.’He then continued,’I’m sorry for your situation.I can understand your frustration and anger.But we’re just following orders from Zakhaev.We’re currently waging our war against our foes back in our homeland.This distraction will allowed us to gain an upper hand in our war.Those who perished,I called it,a collateral damage.Their deaths will be the foundation for our revolution,Mr.President.’

We’re finally arrived in the presidential palace.As I being pulled out from the car,I can feel the anger and hatred filled the atmosphere.One particular soldier,stamp on me,making me unconscious.Moments later,as I regain my consciousness,I’ve being dragged to the courtyard with the crowd chanting al-Assad’s name.Then,Zakhaev tell the soldiers to stop,allowing him to see me in person.’I’m sorry,Yasir.But I have to do what is necessary to win the war.’He whispered,voicing his regret over his action towards me.The soldiers later put me behind a wooden post,still filled with blood from the past killings.al-Assad asked me,’Is there anything you say before you die,Mr.President?’Slowly,but surely I gather my composure,I tell them all,’There is no God except Allah.And Prophet Muhammad pbuh is His Messenger.All of you are traitors to this country and your fellow countrymen.I pray to Allah that all of you will suffer terribly.May justice will be served,Khaled!’Zakhaev then provide him with a pistol.At first,he’s hesitate to give it to al-Assad but he eventually give that pistol.I knew,at some point,he knows al-Assad will betray him.I can feel his hesitation……

Yuri Raslov
6th Division,Ultranationalist Party

Everyone went silent when al-Assad execute al-Fulani in front of national television.At first,they celebrate his death by dancing and shooting to the air,marking their so-called victory.But then,it comes with a realization,with al-Fulani’s death,Western powers like America will invade their country,using al-Fulani’s death as an excuse to enter Kuwait.But,it seems Zakhaev is not bothered with this prospect.’It seem you do not concern about this,General.’With a huge grin,he replied,’Yuri,with Americans appear here,their hands will be tied,preventing them to assist the Loyalists.That way,they will lose all hope to fight,allowing us to gain an upper hand in our war.’Despite those words,I started to wonder whether this is the right path for me and Russia.It seems joining the party is a mistake after all.