Fans love to see their beloved stories adapted to the silver screen.Stories such as Spiderman and Batman become a huge seller in the market,reviving people’s passion towards these characters and their struggle.Others however such as Mortal Combat,D.O.A or Street Fighter failed to deliver spectacularly.This happen due to ways filmmakers tried to interpret stories that can fit nicely with our reality,which at times incur the full wrath from the fans.Fans claimed these attempts are ruining its originality,thus downgraded its commercial and esthetic values.Despite these setbacks,some still dreaming to see them live on silver screen.That includes me.I love watching movies but in times like this,I’m a bit selective.These days,some filmmakers are more interested generate more profit in expense of poor quality stories.As a result,fans like me lambasted these filmmakers and such stories like that do not deserve any place in cinemas worldwide.Still,I hold a huge desire to see my favorite story to be filmed and screened worldwide.The story I’m talking about is Modern Warfare series,a Call of Duty game,set in a future where Cold War return to our realm,setting events in motion that led to World War Three,changing the world that we know now.

If I’m a producer and just beginning to start producing big-budget films,this will be the perfect start.As a start,I would like to see Christopher Nolan on director’s chair and collaborate with writers Paul Haggis and David S.Goyer to polish the story and raise the emotion stake even higher.I’m impressed with Nolan’s work in Inception,Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and only one word could describe it,epic.As far as I know,Nolan do not produce or directed war genre movies but who knows this could be a good attempt to escape from his comfort zone.Some may skpetical,why I choose Haggis and Goyer to write the storyline but I decided to stick with my decision.For Call of Duty fans,those who watched Modern Warfare 3 ending credits may realize Haggis is the one who write the conclusion of the conflict.As for Goyer,he knows how to spin things out,making everything look even more interesting.

Musical score,I rather hand it to Hans Zimmer,Nolan’s usual collaborator.To be honest,I like scores made by Stephen Barton(Call of Duty 4),Zimmer(Modern Warfare 2) and Brian Tyler(Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3).But according to most fans,they more preffered Zimmer’s score because they felt his music fits perfectly to the atmosphere surrounding the game itself.I agreed with their opinion because such music like that could live up scenes in the movie,such as raiding Ultranationalists safe houses to secure Nikolai.

As for the cast,this is my choice:

  • John Price – Liam Neeson/Robert Pattison
  • Soap MacTavish – Kevin McKidd
  • Vladimir Makarov – Roman Varshavsky
  • Imran Zakhaev – Gary Oldman
  • Khaled al-Assad – Alexander Siddig
  • Viktor Zakhaev – Gene Farber
  • General Shepherd – Will Patton/Harrison Ford
  • Gaz – Simon Pegg
  • Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley – Craig Fairbrass
  • Yuri Raslov – Eric Bana/Cilian Murphy
  • Captain MacMillan/Baseplate – David Tennant
  • Nikolai – Hugh Laurie
  •  Staff Sergeant Griggs – Will Smith
  • Lieutenant Perez – Denzel Washington
  • Sergeant Paul Jackson – Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Sergeant Foley – Hakeem Kae-Kazim
  • Dunn – Barry Pepper
  • James Ramirez – Alex Pettyfer
  • Joseph Allen – Channing Tatum
  • Sandman – Kiefer Sutherland
  • Grinch – Timothy Olyphant
  • Truck – Isaiah Washington
  • Frost – Sam Worthington
  • Wallcroft – Damien Lewis
  • Griffen – Christian Coulson
  • Burns – Daniel Radclife
  • Overlord – Bruce Greenwood
  • Boris Vorshevsky – Nick Jameson
  • Alena Vorshevsky – Olivia Wilde
  • Kamarov – Liev Schreiber
  • President of United States – Donald Sutherland
  • Vice-President of United States – Gregory Itzin
  • SIS Chief – Colin Firth
  • MI6 Director – Kate Winslet
  • Volk – Andrew Divoff
  • Waraabe – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
  • Alejandro Rojas – Javier Bardem

Seems a bit awkward for the cast.But this is the best I could name.If anyone have complains about this,please put it inside comment section.

Before I finished writing this,let me remind you.What I write here is just my imagination.These days,I don’t think people will take necessary risk producing this film.Moreover,it’s hard to satisfy everyone’s request.Even if this film did produce,I do not want this film to be lambasted and labeled it as a flop.Cheers,mate!