16th April 2011


Muhammad Bakr

Director of MI6


1515 GMT


Ever since that bombing incident and assasination on our premier,every intelligence agency shift their attention towards the Ultranationalist Party.Their actions were scrutunized every day to ensure we’re not missing any fine details.We even started observing key lieutenants in the party such as Boris Vorshevsky,Vasili Zhirkov and most importantly,the most wanted man on the planet,Vladimir Makarov.Despite our efforts to track them down,it seems these men knows how to cover their tracks.


And now,another civil war erupted in Russia.Dubbed the Second Russian Civil War,this is by far the biggest challenge President Markhov have to face.Since the war erupted two months ago,this radical faction seems unwilling to give up their claims for power and their willingness to slaughter innocent lives,those who refused to support their cause are very disturbing.Fortunately,most of the Russians still lend their support towards their fledgling government.Some even goes as far as infiltrating Ultranationalist cells to provide vital informations and ruining their military operations.And now,these informations are here,allowing us to strategize our next move to assist our ailing ally.


‘I’m sorry to disturb you at the moment but we receive vital information regarding Black Sickle.’An Intel Officer appeared in my office,presenting his report regarding the Ultranationalists.I asked,’What we’ve got on these bastards?’He replied,’Our informant in the camp reported that an Estonian freighter,carrying suspicious cargo heading to Middle East.He suspect that cargo meant for Khaled al-Assad.’I’m a bit surprised when al-Assad’s name is mentioned.al-Assad is mentioned as person of interest in a political tussle with President of Kuwait,Yasir al-Fulani.In a previous report,my fellow directors suggested that we should keep an eye on him,fearful he might be even more dangerous than anyone we know.And now,somehow he has some sort of connection with these radicals.


‘Get me Hereford.’As I waited response from Hereford HQ,I read the report very thoroughly.Since their founding in 1995,Ultranationalist Party do have associates in the underworld,but not political and military figures.I understand at that time,Zakhaev,their founder want to create an excellent image for his fledgling party.But why they changed this policy now?At the height of their civil war against their own countrymen?Then,the voice from Hereford HQ break the silence.’Sir,we understand that we’re facing some predicament.’I replied,’Yes,Colonel.I’m afraid we have a situation here.’After taking a few breaths,I continued,’Our friends in the Ultranationalist is sending a package towards Middle East through an Estonian freighter.Dispatched your best men to intercept that package.We need to know its content.’A few moments later,he replied,’Don’t worry,sir.We’ll intercept that package in no time.’


Captain John Price

22nd Regiment,SAS


1530 GMT


As I monitored our newest recruits tackling the Killhouse,an officer arrived from the main office,bringing a piece of paper,probably our latest assignment.’Orders from HQ.’I ordered Sergeant Mustapha Abbas to retrieve it.Some stopped briefly,trying to take a peek on that letter.Realizing their actions,I shouted,’You lot,concentrate on your training!Am I allowing you to take a rest?!Shocked to hear those words,they immediately continue their respective training.’What we got on this one,sir?’Abbas asked me as I syphoned through those informations.’Well,it looks like we’re heading to Bering Sea.We’re being given orders to intercept an Estonian freighter,probably carrying an unknown cargo towards Middle East.’Then one of his squadmates,Sergeant Michael Kelly interrupted,’Looks like whoever involved in that assignment will be badly battered,sir.’I concurred with him on this one,’It is true.Still,we need to carry out our duty.One way or another,we have to make this done and dusted.’Then I ordered Kelly to round up the regiment,briefing them on this new assignment.’Bravo Team,the intel on this Op comes from our informant in Russia. The package is aboard a medium freighter. Estonian registration number 52775. There is a small crew and a security detail on board.Any questions?’Gaz then asked,’Rules of engagement,sir?’I replied,’Crew expendable.’


0200 GMT


When we’re headed to Bering Sea,it is cold and chilly.The weather is not very kind.Still,that particular weather allowing us to infiltrate the freighter quietly,masking our presence in the process.Along with me in this mission are Soap,my second in commande,Gaz,Private Andrew Griffen,Sergeant Kevin Wallcroft and Abbas.The journey is quite tedious,so I decided to light up my cigar and enjoy it before carrying our mission.Abbas joked,’It looks like you still have time for it,sir.’I smiled when I heard his remark,then replied,’You should try it.Made in Cuba.’I later continued,’Relaxed a bit.Who knows this could be my last cigar.’Soap interrupted,’Sir,don’t say those words.Besides,you have a good eye on it.’


As we approached the freighter,our chopper,codenamed Hammer Two Four established contact with our HQ,codenamed Baseplate.

‘Baseplate, this is Hammer Two-Four. We have visual on the target. E.T.A sixty seconds.’

‘ Copy Two-Four.’

‘Alright,we’re here.Get ready.’I tell them to examine their weapons,comms and equipments for the last time.At the same time,I throw my cigar away.

‘Thirty seconds.Going dark.’Baseplate ordered us to standby.

‘Ten seconds. Radio check. Go to secure channel.’We pulled on our gas mask and ready to kick off.

‘Green light! Go! Go! Go!’Soap,Abbas and I rappelled down towards the main deck.

‘Weapons free.’We unleashed a full barrage of gunfire to eliminate the whole crew.’Bridge secure.’Abbas replied to his comms.’Looks like there’s more inside.’Soap commented on their presence.Realizing we need to sweep the entire deck to ensure our presence is well preserved,I tell Gaz and the others to stay.As we head downstair,we see a crew member,still awake but currently drunk.Taking no chances,we eliminate him.Then we sweep through crew quarters and eliminate the remaining crew.’Crew quarters clear! Move up!’I briefed them on our situation.


Satisfied with that,the rest rappeled down quietly.’Ready,sir.’Gaz tells me after safely rappeling down from our chopper.’Alright,then.Fan out.Three metre spread.’As we headed towards another deck,Gaz signalled,’Sir,two hostiles on the platform.’Slowly,we see their silhoutte upfront.’I see them.Weapons free.’Wallcroft and Griffen take aim and eliminate them swiftly.We slowly approached another deck,convinced that cargo is hidden below it.However,Abbas then see several shadows appeared in the second floor.’Sir,we’ve got company.Guess they know we’re here.’I immediately radioed Hammer Two Four,’Hammer Two-Four, we’ve got tangos on the second floor!’Hammer Two Four responded by unleashing its minigun towards the remaining hostiles.


‘Bravo Six,Hammer’s at bingo fuel. We’re bugging out. Big Bird will be on station for evac in ten.’

‘Copy,Hammer.Wallcroft,Griffen,cover our six.The rest of you,on me.’

‘Roger,that.’Gaz replied.Both Wallcroft and Griffen watched the perimeter while we prepare to breach our way in.As he pulled out his W1200 shotgun,Gaz jokingly said,’I like to keep this for close encounters.’Abbas concurred,’Too right,mate.’We forced our way in and sweeping the upper deck.As we headed down,a small group of hostiles starting to open fire towards us.Soap and Abbas retaliate by unleashing their suppressed rifles and throwing several frags to eliminate them.’They all wipe out,sir’Soap inform our current situation.After fending off several oppositions,we’re eventually located our wanted cargo.’Alright.Stack up.Standby on my go.’I immediately take out another flashbang and waited their signal.’Ready,sir.’As I throwed that flashbang,’On my mark.Go!’We immediately storm the room and eliminate any remaining resistance present in the freighter.’All clear.’Gaz announced.We examined cargoes available until Gaz checked his cargo.’ I’m getting a strong reading sir. You might want to take a look at this.’As he opened the crate,we realized why Ultranationalists defended this freighter so badly.’I then radioed Baseplate,’Hmm… its in Arabic. Baseplate, this is Bravo Six. We found it. Ready to secure package for transport.’However,much to our disappointment,Baseplate informerd us,’No time, Bravo Six. Two bogies heading your way fast. Grab what you can and get the hell out of there!’I tell Soap to grab the cargo manifest and the rest to run towards the top site.


‘Wallcroft, Griffen, what’s your status?I asked my men status who still there.Griffen replied,’All ready in the helicopter, Sir. Enemy aircraft inbound. Shit! They’ve opened fire! Get out of there now!’Seconds after that,an explosion erupted forcing everyone briefly to the ground.Abbas swears,’Damn it!What the hell happened?!’Realizing there are leaks everywhere,Gaz shouted,’The ship’s sinking! We’ve got to go now!’As I recovered,our extraction chopper repeated calling me,’Bravo Six, come in damn it!’As I help Soap,I replied,’Big Bird,this is Bravo Six.We’re on our way out!’As we run towards the extraction site,Gaz shouted to me,’It’s breaking away!’I tell the rest to run,’Come on.We can make it!’We finally arrived to our extraction zone with Gaz,Abbas and me securely in the chopper.Soap managed to reach it but he almost slipped,prompting me to pull him in.’Gotcha,son.’As we leave the area,watching the ship slowly sinking to meet its demise,Abbas said to me,’Now we know why al-Assad want those cargoes.I’m sure he’ll be disappointed.’However,I disagreed,’I don’t think so,Abbas.You know him in his dossier.This man is being dubbed as the new Lion of Arabian Peninsular.He’ll find a way.’