Since the start of Arab Spring,the wave of revolution hit every nation hard.Some manage to topple their leaders,starting a new chapter for their struggle for peace,equality and freedom.Others still fighting against their own countrymen,who still felt their leaders were their best bet in this mayhem.Today,another chapter will be written in Yemen’s history.Their president,Ali Abdullah Salleh will transferred his power to his vice president,marking the end of his thirty year old reign.In exchange for that,Abdullah Salleh will not be persecuted for his atrocities against his fellow countrymen.Of course,on one side,with Abdullah Salleh’s absence,this will mark a huge victory for Yemenis who suffered terribly under his reign.Others,remain skeptical towards this deal,questioning whether this move is just another political stunt to save his own skin.Even when he resign from his post,this does not mean the end for the revolution.Most members of his inner circle still roaming freely in Sanaa’ and the fact his own tribesmen still supporting him is a major concern.One way or another,this will be a huge stumbling block to establish stability and security here.Another major concern for Yemenis that they no longer have a chance to pursue Abdullah Salleh even if they managed to oust the current government and receive strong backing from Western nations.This is because according to that deal,Abdullah Salleh will receive immunity in exchange for transferring his power.Knowing he has nothing to lose,with his foes staring,filled with anger,hatred and frustration,what a better way to escape by pulling this neat trick?For a politician,this is a remarkable escape.However,nothing is certain when power is put into that bloody equation,leading to more power struggles and backstabbing towards each other.