There’s a simplicity to war. Attacking is the only secret. Dare – and the world yields. How quickly they forget that all it takes to change the course of history…is the will of a single man.“- John Price.

Such quote like that suited perfectly with the ongoing situation in Syria.No one ever wonder the situation will escalate,bringing the country even closer to the brink of war.Since March 2011,more than 3000 civilians died from  this escalated violence.Despite continuous pressure from international community,it seems like the president himself,Bashar al-Assad still refused to budge from his stance.Now,the emergence of a new form of soldiers,dedicated to protect civilians from al-Assad’s loyalists.These men,dubbed themselves as Free Syrian Forces (FSA),swear not only to protect civilians from former comrades but also declared war against al-Assad’s presidency because they believe he’s no longer capable ruling Syria.They also felt his inner circle,members of Baath Party,were a new threat to existence of sectarian groups in Syria and responsible for continuous crackdown on protesters.Due to their presence,al-Assad’s administration facing a very stern test that could possibly spell the end for his reign.Ambushing military convoy,destroying tanks and assault government and party headquarters proved how capable they can pull this attack.This brazen approach scares al-Assad’s loyalists so much that in certain areas,in order to prevent any ambush,they paint their vehicles in blue,similar to police vehicles.However,some analysts felt some assaults especially towards Baath headquarters were planned by his inner circles to justify their actions against these so-called armed thugs.As an observer,I understand their skepticism towards these attacks because at the moment,al-Assad’s administration is being bombarded at all fronts.They need something to revitalize their soldiers spirit and further justify their violent approach towards protesters.Not all agreed with such suggestion.Others felt FSA ability to command such assault against Syrian government showed their shrewdness and intent to bring down the government and establish a new,liberated Syria from these dictators.These attacks also act as symbol of hope to protesters that there is a huge possibility this government will fall in dramatic fashion,similar to Gaddafi,Mubarak and Ben Ali’s downfall.For Syrians who involved in this revolution,it’s just a matter of time before this government collapse at the hands of Syrians.One way or another,this government will fall,signalling a new wave to other parts of the world.