May 30th,2001


Vladimir Makarov

6th Division,Ultranationalist


Despite our defeat at the hands of Markhov and his allies,we still harboring that wildest dream,gaining control over Russia and its population.Some people believe,with this defeat,with our return to mainstream politics,their darkest hour is over.But they should aware be aware,our silence is not a sign of submission.Instead,we plotted our way back,restoring our pride and honor,bruised and badly battered,during the previous war.And Zakhaev want every Russian to remember,we’re still capable pulling a rabbit from our hat.


‘This is your target.Make sure every Russian knows that we may be down but we’re not out of the game yet.’Zakhaev want us to bomb a city bus in downtown Moscow.Everyone knew with this incident,we’re sending a strong message to the government and their Western backers.However,some felt this attack was outrageous and absolutely disgusting.Among these dissidents were Boris Vorshevsky and Yuri,my best friend.’My friend,their deaths are necessary for our cause.There is no room for mercy against this oppresive government.’However,Yuri rebuke my statement,’I’ll not be involved in this.I’m sorry but I’m not murdering my own people.’He later asked to be transferred to other divisions to avoid himself from being implicated on that attack.Zakhaev quite surprise with his request but authorized it,to avoid further feuds between me and him.Despite of that,I lashed on him,’Coward!You’re also a murderer like us,Yuri!Don’t you ever forget that!’We’re almost scuffle with several people,tried to separate us from each other.Eventually,Zakhaev reprimanded us and told us to cool off and mend our ways.This feud is the start of our frosty relationship,something that will haunt me later.


June 1st,2001


‘Tell me if you’re done.’While monitoring the surrounding,at times,I see my men planting their bomb with urgency.One of them,Josef replied back through radio,’We’re done,Makarov.Pretty messy but that will do it.’With a gleeful smile from my face,I told them to disperse and disappear,away from those buses.Then my phone ringing,with Zakhaev’s name on it.’Tell me you’ve done it,Vladimir.’I replied back cheerfully,’We’re done,sir.Soon,Moscow will see fire ravaging her.’


And it did.On this day,five buses exploded,killing more than 200 people.Zakhaev’s original order is to explode one bus but I decided to add the total of it as an act of revenge to Motherland for abandoning me.Although he’s delighted with the outcome,Zakhaev warned me,’If you want to add anything,informed me first.’Despite of that,he’s still ordering my division to wreak havoc throughout Russia and Europe respectively,showing his trust to me was still unwavered.


August 25th,2001


Muhammad Bakr



Just after I finished performing my prayer,my phone rings very loudly.Once I reached it,Harrington’s name appeared on it.’Hope I do not disturb you at the moment,Muhammad.’Harrington started with his usual tone.’No,you’re not.I just finished my prayer.Why you called me so early today?It’s my day off.’I asked him directly.He then replied with a serious tone,’Switch on your television.You will know why I’m calling you.’I immediately switched on my telly and my word,I’m shocked to see those images.’Are you still there,mate?Muhammad,can you hear me?’There’s a long pause.I’m speechless,appaled with what I’ve seen.Piccadilly Circus Underground Train Station was bombed.Then the newscaster announced that over 407 people died in the explosion.’Muhammad,are you still there?’I replied back,’Yes,Pat.I’m still here.What the Drector need me?’Harrington then respond,’Everything we have on Ultranationalist Party activity in Great Britain over the last couple years.’


In an hour,I was there in the office,briefing intelligence officers.The atmosphere was tense,filled with anger and frustration.’How this could possibly happen?!It looks like the repeat of 1998!’The newly appointed Head of SIS,Michael Tennant was furious with this incident.He then continued,’Can somebody please tell me how they managed to pull this again?!’Everyone was silence including my director.I never seen Director Tennant so furious that day.Then he asked,’Do we have suspects so far?’It’s my turn to brief them.’As far as we know,several groups claiming responsibilites in this incident.Irish separatists and Muslim extremists claim they’re responsible for the attack.However,we believed Ultranationalist Party may responsible for this incident.’He then questioned me,’Why you certain they’re responsible for this bombing?’I replied with a serious tone,’Because we believe,the same criminal who responsible murdering Joseph Arnett,is also responsible for bus bombings in Moscow.’Makarov’s picture appeared on board along with his background information.’Meet Vladimir Makarov.One of the field commanders for Ultranationalist Party.A former Spetsnaz who held grudge against the West.’Director Tennant then focussed to Sean Driscoll,Intel Officer for MI6.’Why Makarov held grudge against the West?’Driscoll responded by providing us several dossiers regrading Makarov.’In early 1995,Makarov was accused responsible for the death of dozens of civilians in Caucasus.United Nation through ICC ordered a full and thorough investigation on that incident.However,mid 1995,the investigation fell through because Makarov chose honorable discharge from military.We believe,this is the start of his pathological hatred to the West and his career as a terrorist.’Looking satisfied with our explaination,he then issued an order,’Ladies and gentlemen,Makarov’s now is the enemy of the Crown.If you ever found this cheeky bastard,arrest or kill him on site!’


Once the meeting was finally over,everyone working around the clock trying to locate Makarov.We coordinate our efforts with local authorities to increase our chances finding him.However,in the midst of this chaos,several officers including SAS operators felt Makarov may have fled Britain already.One of them was Captain John Price.’Forgive me,maam.But I believe Makarov may have buy himself a way out from this country.Even if he’s stay here,he will blend himself with the surrounding.’I concurred with him,adding,’Director,Makarov is a former Spetsnaz operator.He’s being trained for these particular tasks.And one thing we know about him,he hates loose ends.Even we successfully tracked him don,he may long gone by now.’When our director hear this,she asked us,’What exactly our viable options?’Captain Price answered her question with a very firm tone,’I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do.He’s an opportunist.If anything passed by,he’ll grab it.That’s when we’ll find him.’


June 5th,2001


It’s been several days since Piccadilly Circus bombing.From my view,people were still struggled,facing the aftermath of this incident.People still shaken from it.Then,while I still scrutunized every detail in his dossier,my phone rings.’Hello.This is Muhammad Bakr.What can I do for you?’The caller responded,’I have information about Vladimir Makarov.’When I heard Makarov’s name mentioned,I signalled other agents to trace the caller’s location.’What do you have on him?’He replied with a serious tone,’He’s sighted along with his men in a warehouse in Canary Wharf.’I pressed for confirmation,’Is this information is valid?’Before I could get an answer,he hang up.’Have you got his location?’Harrington replied,’I don’t think so.I assume  he knows we’re pin-pointing his location.That’s why he hang up.’Nevertheless,we have him.But my gut tells me that something went missing.’Harrington,please notify Hereford immediately.HVI is there!’


After I informed her about that information,Director Diane Mills along with other senor intelligence officers monitored the assault.’Baseplate,this is Charlie Six.We’re approaching hostile perimeter.Permission to proceed.’Baseplate responded,’Proceed with caution.Use suppressed weapons only.’The assault team assault the warehouse,killing its occupants in it.’Charlie Six,any sign of HVI?’Charlie Six replied through comms,’Negative,Baseplate.It seems HVI is nowhere to be seen.But there is some consolation.We’ve every evidence connecting them back to the bombing.’Director Mills steps in,’Baseplate.Tell Charlie Six to gather full intel on that.’.She also ordered me to inform the police to shutdown the warehouse to process the scene.However,not long after we issued those orders,a very familiar voice appeared out of nowhere,’Da Svidaniya.Nice to know you but as I recall,I hate loose ends.’The warehouse immediately exploded in front of our eyes.Baseplate tried to establish contact with them but I knew,they all died in that warehouse.


‘How in the world he knew they will be present?!’Everyone was furious and curious how he managed to pull this again.’I believe the tip we received is a trap,Director.I believe he’s the one who made that call.’We all frustrated.Not only we failed to have him in custody but he still managed to kill once again.Since then,my obsession towards Makarov escalate.And I knew,this is not the end of his reign of terror.