All warfare is based on deception. For years, the West hypocrisy has made the world the battlefield. The corrupt talk… while our brothers and sons spill their own blood. Deceit cuts both ways. The bigger the lie, the more likely people are willing to believe it. And when the nation cries for vengeance, the lies spread like a wildfire. The fire builds, devouring everything in its path. Ours enemies believe that they alone dictate the course of history. And all it takes is the will of a single man.“-Vladimir Makarov.

Words from one the most terrifying antagonist ever created echoing through our minds.Though he’s just a fictional character in one of the best selling first person shooter game,Call of Duty Modern Warfare series,still,we should consider his view carefully.It’s true Western powers manipulated us into a series of deception,ultimately led to our own downfall,allowing them to set foot or staking their claim for their own interest.Sometimes,this deception run much deeper than we could possibly imagined,ruining unity among citizens or force other nations to follow their steps.All these actions made to preserve their status quo or halting others from surpassing their achievement.This hypocrisy made them as enemies,not only to other nations but to their people as well.If you want an example,then take a closer look to Occupy Wall Street movement.For the last several years,Americans demanded their leaders to assist them in times like this.However,funds that should be allocated to them,instead being handed to major companies and financial institutions.Furious with this development,Americans follow what the Arabs did,organizing demonstrations as a way to express their anger and disappointment to their government for their failure to assist them.What makes them even more frustrated,some funds were allocated to fund major military operations abroad.Americans felt those operations are a total waste and the fact the number of casualty in this foreign soil further enrage them.Americans want their government to focus solely to their internal matters,not meddling other people’s matter.Economy crisis,lack of charismatic leaders and their dim witted view towards the world further strengthen their belief that America should return to their roots,a route that once taken by the likes of Franklin,Washington and Jefferson.And I believe,European countries must take the same route as well.Hypocrisy have long shadowed these superpowers.As a result,they crumbled,a result of their own misgivings that led to this fall from grace.Their greed chewed every last remnants of humanity values,make them struggling to claw themselves back from this bog.Their arrogance are the once that lead them to their own demise.Now,who exactly begging for mercy,you or us?Your choice,ladies and gentlemen.You’re the architects of your own downfall.Tried architect your way back by being humble and honest for once.Because,deception,once it spread,it can no longer be stopped.You’re the one who dictate your own destiny.