In the latest twist to political crisis in Syria,one foreign minister of an unnamed country said the suspension and economic sanctions impose on Syria is just temporary and will be lifted soon.This particular reaction occur due to massive outburst from Syria’s Foreign Minister,Walid al-Moallem claim those measures were illegal and unlawful against his government.To make things even worse,al-Moallem lambasted the league,claiming it do not possess such strength to force Syria to put an end to this bloodbath.As an observer,I’m absolutely disappointed with the league’s current stand.They should stay on their ground and impose it as a friendly gesture to Syrians that they’re not alone in this struggle.They should ignored threats made by people like al-Moallem and earlier,president of Syria,Bashar al-Assad in his interview with British press,Daily Telegraph.Instead,they should lend a hand and assist Syrians in their quest for justice,equality and freedom.Unfortunately,those things seems to be a distant dream.Division and continuous spat between nations involved makes the league is no longer relevant as a platform or launchpad to form a new geography feature in the Middle East.Arab League also do not possess any kind of strength to implement measures agreed due to political compromise or interference from other forces such America and European powers.To see them mellowed at times like this is absolutely frustrating and disappointing moment for Arabians worldwide.Even after the successful Arab Spring,unity seems to be unlikely at the moment.However,I still believe Arab League may still have a chance to be the voice of Arabians in the eyes of the world.A massive overhaul is needed to bring this organization return its normal self once again.However,members of the league should also change and accept this wave of revolution,conducting reforms that can bring stability to their nations respectively.If they don’t,then all those efforts to change the league will be in vain and fruitless.