June 19th,1998


Vladimir Makarov

6th Division,Ultranationalist


Two years ever since the failed assasination,Zakhaev reorganized the party’s division.In preparation to wage an all out war against the Russian government,he appoint several members as leaders of this divisions.His own son,Victor was appointed as field commander of our forces,much to our dismay.Many senior figures including me doubted his ability to lead us into this war.What’s more,he’s also known as a coward and a deserter.Despite question marks over his decision,Zakhaev insisted Victor is an excellent choice for that job,something that we truly dreaded.


Senior figures such as Boris Vorshevsky and Vasili Zhirkov were appointed as political representative of our cause.Both Vorshevsky and Zhirkov were popular among the masses.Zakhaev believe by appointing them,the public opinion will swayed towards our favor,allowing the party to gain the upper hand against the current government.As for me,Zakhaev want me to handle illegal activities for the party.’I believe you’re the man that up for this task.Your connection with the underworld allowing us to set in motion tragic events in case the majority still believed in them.Do not disappoint me,Vladimir.’A duty I duly accepted.And on this day,every Russian will witness our rise and our willingnes to strike without any remorse at all.


That day,it was election day.People went out to fulfil their responsibility as model citizens,voting to determine whose future is brighter,us or Gorbachev.Then,the General receive news from his insider in the commission that Ultranationalist Party has lost the election.When he heard that,he’s absolutely furious.’Vladimir,gather everyone.This is the time we stake our claim for justice.’No one dares to switch on the television,probably fearful it might incur a full wrath from our leader while I called my comrades.A few hours,everyone was present,hearing exactly what Zakhaev planned.’Gentlemen,we’ve being betrayed,swindled by our own countrymen.They say,their victory is proof democracy is blossoming in Motherland.They’re lying to us,to Russian people!My comrades,this is the time justice must be restored to our Motherland.’From that moment,Zakhaev declared war against the fledgling government supported by the West.I can hear whispers saying Zakhaev’s gone mad.But,Zakhaev was adamant,victory was certain for us.After that meeting ends,he said,’I have an assignment for you.’ Feeling curious,I asked,’What is it,sir?’He answered,’Check the envelope and you will know.’When I examined the envelope,it contains pictures of British premier,Joseph Arnett along with his schedule and security details.Once I finished,he said with firm tone,’Make sure he perished along with his co-conspirators.’


That night,while our opponents were celebrating their victory,my comrades were preparing to spring a shocking assault on their headquarters.Others headed to military camps in disguise to seize more weapons to boost our inventory and ruining their spirits as well.Me,heading to the airport along with my men with a task to eliminate one  of the most influential people in Europe,Joseph Arnett.Just after midnight,while we’re leaving Moscow,heading to London,shockwave leave everyone by surprise.That night,our militants struck Moscow and other cities throughout Russia,leaving the city in ruins.The occupants being forced to flee from our persecution.While soldiers are mercilessly killed with accurate precision by them.The next morning,the whole world were still reeling from that attack.’Congratulation on your victory,Mr.Chairman.’Zakhaev remain focus,’This is just a start,Vladimir.Even Gorbachev himself,according to our sources,surprised and shocked to see that kind of damage.Now,time to consolidate our position.’These series of attacks were the start of First Russian Civil War.


July 1st,1998


After being overwhelmed by our forces,Gorbachev and his government were forced to seek asylum in Europe.Now,with his fledgling government receive aids from Western powers,Zakhaev want us to eliminate both Gorbachev and Arnett together.This to ensure we will delivering a massive blow to Western powers,a message that we can reach anyone.No one is no longer safe from our grasp.


‘Do we know where this government set up their base?’Our tracker,Lev Vlazov replied,’They’re based in five-star hotel in East London.Hotel Whitebridge.’I asked him again,’What about security?’He answered with very calm tone,’Looks tight,Makarov.But,I found some loophole between them.We can use it to our advantage.’I praised him for his work but remain cautiously,’Excellent work,Lev.Still,there is no room for error.Zakhaev want every single one of them dead.’Lev give me his assurance,’I can assure you,everything will proceed smoothly.’


I then turned to my friend,Yuri Raslov.’Yuri,how’s Arnett’s security detail?’My best friend replied with anxious tone,’Good luck if you can kill him.Since authorizing that order,he has doubled his security details.His security details are more bigger than the Queen herself.’This proves to be a troublesome.Unless there’s a loophole in his details,there is no hope for me to kill him,fulfilling Zakhaev’s thirst for revenge.’However,’Yuri continued his briefing,’Downing Street is now weak.At the moment,they are currently performance some maintenance over there.’When I heard that,our plan to eliminate him is back on track.’When their next scheduled maintenance?’Yuri checked the manifest,’Tomorrow will be the perfect time.’With our hope to eliminate these men are increasingly likely,it’s just a matter of time to see them perished.Those who died are collateral damage.


July 2nd,1998


That morning,I ordered Lev to bring his men to Hotel Whitebridge to eliminate the last remnants of the Loyalists.Yuri and I went to Downing Street to teach Arnett a painful lesson he will never forget.Once we arrived,we pretend that we’re part of maintenance crew.At first,we’re having a bit difficulty but after that,it’s just plain sailing.’Mikhail,shutdown the cameras and replace it with modified photos.’As requested,our surveillance team led by Mikhail Demin executed it with perfection.’Makarov,you have 5 minutes to locate him.After that,you have to find your way out here.Once Arnett is down,his security details will swarmed like bees.’A few seconds after,we finally located the Prime Minister and his family.’Ready,my friend?’Yuri replied,’I’m ready.’We’re sprang a surprised assault on Arnett,killing him instantly.His family tried to flee but Yuri use chloroform to knock them out unconciously.’You should killed them,Yuri.’Yuri refused with a dismissal gesture,’No.They’re weak,no longer protected.There is a time for us to show mercy,my friend.’I love to argue with him but if that’s his decision,I’ve to accept that.We immediately flee the scene,heading to our safehouse,without looking back.After a few moments,we’re finally stopped.I used that moment to contact Lev,’Tell me if you have done it.’Lev replied with a gleeful tone,’It’s done,Makarov.’Our job was successful but I’m aware the West will seek revenge for the fallen.


Despite of that,Zakhaev celebrate their deaths and sees this as victorious moment for our cause.’Tell me how he died.’I described his death as quick and painful.’He never knew that you’re still alive.He thought we’re there to avenge your death,Mr.Chairman.’Once he heard that,he laugh with his facial expression showed full satisfaction on their deaths.Ever since that botched assasination,Boris Vorshevsky become the public face of our party.No one knows that the General was alive,even Western intelligence.They believe our version of the story,saying he died due to massive loss of blood.But behind the scenes,he’s plotting his revenge ever since.And now,he deserve to have such satisfaction.’General,with their deaths,surely Western powers will avenge their deaths.What should we do if they coming to our doorstep?’That question seemingly appeared out of nowhere,coming from Yuri.I somehow told him to shut up but Zakhaev said no.Instead,he lauded his bravery for asking that question,’Yuri,I appreciate your anxiety at times like this.Such cautious attitude like that will help our cause.Comrade,I can assure you,if they coming to our doorstep,we’ll be ready for them.’


May 20th,2000


In the aftermath of their demise,Western powers,driven by revenge,launch a massive counterattack as an act of retaliation.Their cause further strengthen by the eagerness of Adam Lang and Grigori Markhov,Arnett and Gorbachev’s successor respectively.Both,driven by revenge,want Ultrantionalists to suffer.The Loyalists,backed by their Western allies through the presence of SAS and Marine Corp units,launch a massive fightback to wrestle back control over Russia.We managed to hold them off for 2 years but in the end,no longer able to withstand the pressure,we finally admit defeat and surrendered.


On this day,we despised this as the lowest point of our struggle but Zakhaev assured us,this is not the end.’Watching Vorshevsky and Zhirkov to sign that declaration,I have to admit,this is our lowest point in our struggle.And yet,we should be grateful,there is still a chance to wrestle control back to our hands.’He then showed us a list of names inside Loyalist forces.Delighted with that news,we accept our fate and biding our time to exact our revenge.