June 15th,1995


Vladimir Makarov

Alpha Group,Spetsnaz


‘I’m not the one who issued those orders.I’m innocent.You have no proof that I issued such orders to my men.’That’s my defence for something I did not commit.And yet,on that day,they called me a liar.’You denied issuing those orders to your men,Captain Makarov but we have evidence about your insidious crime.Your men have testified,saying that it was you who ordered those villagers,those Muslims to be slaughtered without any mercy.That means you’re lying to our face,Captain.’My commanding officer,Major Vitaly Rostov delivered a harsh rebuke to my defence.I never see him so angry that day.’You’re realize what you have done,Vladimir.Our government is trying to improve our image in the eyes of the world but your actions is absolutely intolerable.’Furious with that accusation,I immediately retaliate,’You have no proof on that.I do not like your tone.It seems that not only you believe I committed those atrcocities against the Muslims but you suggested that I betray our Motherland.I swear to God,I do not commit such hideous crimes,Major.Please,you must believe me.’I tried to reason him that I was innocent and done nothing wrong.’If you believe you’re innocent,then you must listen to this broadcast.’Major Rostov then played a recorded broadcasting in that room.I could not believe what I heard.I heard my own voice,ordering assaults on them.’Vasili,show these men and women what they did to Motherland.Show no mercy and once you’re finished,do not leave any trace behind.’Then gunfire erupted throughout the village,at times women shouting,pleading mercy while being raped and molested before they’re executed.I can hear children were killed mercilessly despite pleading not to.I simply could not believe what I heard.


‘In your version,your company arrived in that village just after midnight.You said once you arrived,you witnessed a large number of civilians in that village were brutally massacred.Their bodies were scattered throughout the village.You believe that the separatists have committed such atrocities against their own kind.Is it correct,Captain Makarov?It was Colonel Mikhail Petrenko’s turned to question me.I reply back,’Yes,I believe that’s what happen.’The Colonel then started pressing me,’And yet,that recording demolished your defence,Captain.What you’ve to say now?’Despite continuous denials about those atrocities in Caucasus,it seems that they convinced I’m the one who ordered the massacre.Despite knowing I never know a soldier name Vasili,they pressed on and deliver their verdict back to military headquarters in Moscow.Only one man stand firm and opposed such ridiculous verdict,Major Rostov.Knowing that damned verdict will turned me as a scapegoat,the Major make a proposal,’Vladimir,as far as I know,the adminitration believe you’re guilty for that massacre.One way or another,the West especially United Nation will persecuted you.But there is a way for you to escape.’When I asked what exactly that option,he told me that I must leave Spetsnaz to avoid prosecution.’There is no way I’m leaving Spetsnaz.This is a huge ask,Major.’However,he made a dismissive gesture,’This is your best option,Captain.Even if you stay,these men will continue making you and your subordinates a very hard time.To the very least,you’ll avoid prosecution from International Criminal Court (ICC).Vladimir,please.’Eventually I agreed with his proposal and decided to take honorable discharge from Spetsnaz.


This is the start of my pathological hatred to the current government.They used me and others as scapegoat for something that we did not commit.I’m no longer believe the current government are able to deliver their solemn promise to Mother Russia.This government must fall or else,inferno shall shrouded this country just like Hitler and Napoleon did in their campaign against us in the past.


October 10th,1995


Ever since I leave military,I decided to offer my service to those who can afford me.You name it.Assasination,sabotage,kidnapping,blackmailing.I’ve done everything.Then a friend suggested me to launder my money in illegal activities such as human trafficking,drug trafficking,arms dealing,prostitution and illegal betting to boost my income.And it work like a charm.Thanks to him,I have clients around the world such as war-torn countries like Somalia,Sierra Leone,Uganda and Sudan.Others such as Russian mafia,Italian mob and Irish separatist.Morale is no longer valuable in my life.Instead,it was replaced by money and my new form of ideology that believe the supremacy of Russia beyond other forces of the planet.


Then,I receive an invitation from an unlikely figure,the legendary Imran Zakhaev.I still remember that meeting like it was happen yesterday.’It’s an honor to meet you,sir.I do not think I’m worthy to be alongside you.’Then he showed his hand and held my hand firmly.’No,it is I that should be honor to meet you,Vladimir.’After a short introduction,Zakhaev started promoting his ideals,’Vladimir,do you think our country is still the same?Because I felt Motherland have gone off from her course.’I reply with a firm tone,’I believe your word,sir.I’ve being betrayed by the government that once I support.Their deeds,their actions,their the ones responsible for bringing her off course.’He asked me,’Who do you think deserved to be in the helm,Vladimir?’My response,’People of Russia,people who dare to defy the tide and rise as the new force of the planet,surpassing Western powers,Imran.’Then I continued,’This is the time for us to stake the claim and return Motherland to her glory days.No matter what,sir.’After hearing such words like that,Zakhaev lauded my vision,my ideals and invited me to join Ultranationalist Party.I accepted his invitation,much to his delight.Then he said,’My brother,glad you’re make a right choice.If Russia has a million of you,the whole world will trembled in fear and recognized us indefinitely.’


June 3rd,1996


Since I joined Ultrantionalist Party,my undertanding towards my ideals are immensely increased.I even had a vision that sees me as the new Tsar,replacing the current government and returned Russia to her glory days once more.While still busy handling my matters in the underworld,Zakhaev wants me to spearhead our recruitment drive to recruit young,patriotic members as part of our plan to bring down the current government and replace it with us at the helm.One of the recruits,Yuri Raslov become my closest friend.We may not share ways and direction of this movement but he’s a loyal friend and will do what ever means necessary to be part of this bright future.However,an incident changed our view and further strengthen our claim that this government is no longer recognized as our legitimate representative in the eyes of the world.


That day,Zakhaev brought Yuri and I,acted as his security details.He brought us to Pripyat to monitor his dealings with his clients.On the way,Yuri asked him,’General,what exactly we’re doing here in this wasteland?’Zakhaev answered back,’Yuri,the reason we’re here is that there are materials that will be useful for our cause.Why you’re asking such question?’He replied,’I’m just feeling uncomfortable to be in this place.This place brings nightmare to everyone.’I can understand his anxiety over this place.This place filled with tragedy,sadness,disappointment and sorrow.The atmosphere was dark and gloomy.Nevertheless,we arrived on that meeting point with Zakhaev’s arrival was well received by his partners.At that point,I felt something was terribly wrong and decided to call Victor Nevski,head of security in Pripyat.’Victor,is everything alright here?’Through his comms,he replied,’Everything is alright,Makarov.Except..Uh..How should I put this?’Hearing his long pause,my tone was changing dramatically.’What exactly happened before our arrival?’Nevski replied,’Our men had been killed silently by intruders two days ago.I ordered every soldier to search and killed if they are found.’While I busy handling this particular predicament,Zakhaev’s meeting turn sour.Yuri and I can hear him screaming angrily to his partners,looking frustrated with their call.Then,out of nowhere,a loud sound breaking the silence in the area.All of sudden,our leader was shot.Yuri immediately carried Zakhaev to our vehicle and leave the area with me hitting the pedal hard.’How is he,Yuri?’My friend replied back,’The General is badly wounded.His left arm is gone and losing a massive amount of blood.’When I heard that,I immediately sped off to ensure our leader receive proper treatment from our medical team.At the same time,I started to wonder if this was anything to do with our package.


July 16th,1996


‘Glad to see you fully recovered,General.’My first word to Imran Zakhaev after fully recovered from that particular shock.’It’s nice to get some rest,although not in this particular fashion.’He responded back to my words.After sipping a few glass of water,he then asked me,’Do you know who did this to me,Vladimir?’While watching the window,I briefed him every detail,’According to our sources in the West,this attempt has been made by the British government,authorized by their premier,Joseph Arnett.Your shooter,sir is a SAS footsoldier,a trained sniper along his partner.Their names are John Price and Scott MacMillan.’Before I provide him more details,there is a need for me to satisfy my curiosity.’Tell me if those packages are nuclear rods because according to our spy,the reason Arnett authorize the assasination is due to this deal.’Zakhaev admitted about it and he further added,’This shows how the West are terrified with our power.Further evidence to strengthen our cause and rebuild our glorious days.’After hearing his words and the incident still haunts me,this further strengthen my reason to hate the West and the mainstream government and vow to seek revenge for what they did to us.