June 1st,1996

Leftenant John Price

SAS 22nd Regiment

I never thought the day I perform this task could change everything.At that time,when I receive this assignment with my mentor,Captain Scott MacMillan,I thought this is just another day in the office.It’s quite bizarre why the government authorize such dangerous operation like that.Because the last time Churchill authorize it,Hitler survives the assasination attempt and Britain’s attempt to end the war failed spectacularly.Both of us aware about Imran Zakhaev but I never thought the government will go such extreme length to deal him with such measure.

‘Gentlemen,I’ve being told you’re among the best.I would like to know if you can perform this assignment.If you want to back out,it’s your choice.I will not blame you for rejecting this.What exactly you’re doing is absolutely crazy and potentially lethal.’That’s how the head of MI6,Charles Eames start the description of this mission several days ago.Despite in Pripyat along with the old man,his words continues to haunt me.MacMillan reply,’I believe we can,sir.It may look impossible since we’ve to do this in foreign land,but nothing is impossible.’As Eames staring at me,my response to him,’Bloody difficult.But I think we can pull this one out.’After witnessing our response,he can only smiled proudly to see us willing to carry this assignment.

‘Imran Zakhaev,as you’re aware,he’s a ruthless arms dealer who will stop for nothing to gain his goal,even if that means resorting to murder.I believe you’ve seen his brutality either in Russia or other parts of the world including us.’The old man questioned Eames,’What exactly he do this time around?’Eames immediately response,’In 72 hours,Zakhaev will sell a large number of nuclear rods in Pripyat to a small group of bidders.You know his clients.Terrorists,criminals and rogue nations.Just imagined what will they do with those rods.’After listening to his explaination,now we understand why Prime Minister Arnett is so determined to put an end to Zakhaev’s madness,even resorting to this particular method.’What’s make this even more difficult is that satelite image shows a large number of paramilitaries roaming around Pripyat.Heavily equipped,highly trained,mostly former Spetsnaz.They also have tanks and assault choppers guarding this meeting.’Eames added while watching our expression.Something tells me this is a difficult job and the fact that we have to do this behind enemy lines makes everything even more difficult.Still,despite those staggering odds against us,MacMillan look very confident,’We can pull this one out.We’ll make sure Zakhaev floored lifelessly in Pripyat.’

And here we are,outnumbered and outgunned.There is no room for error.One wrong step,we’ll be killed or captured and we’ll never achieve our goal before we started.Once we reached Pripyat,the old man reminded me,’Too much radiation,we have to move around.Follow me and move quietly.Careful,there’s pocket of radiation all over this area.Absorb too much,you’ll become lifeless muppet.’Slowly,we picked our moves and carefully approached a shack,guarded by Zakhaev’s paramilitaries.From their conversation,we assumed that Zakhaev is paranoid and taking every step necessary to ensure his dealings will proceed smoothly without any hitch.Well,not in our terms.’Price,take one while I take the other.’Slowly but surely,we take them out.’Good night to them.’I said proudly.’We’re not out of the woods yet,lad.Stay focussed.’MacMillan immediately remind me.

MacMillan and I slowly approached the shack.We can see four Ultranationalist are enjoying their game while a dog is sleeping on a couch.’Four tangos and a dog inside.Don’t do anything stupid,laddie.’MacMillan tells me not to assault the shack.Then he sees a guard patrolling around and asked me what to do.I reply,’Take him out quietly or let him passed.’As soon as I said that,the guard went down quietly without attracting their attention.Slowly,we leave the shack and upfront,an abandoned church with a sentry on the tower.While the other hand,I see a sentry leaning towards the car,probably tried to get some comfort.’On my count.We have to take them out simultaneously.Is he in your scope?’MacMillan asked me.’He’s in my scope,sir.’I reply back.We take the guards out swiftly and move in to the church.’What exactly Zakhaev will do with those money?Isn’t he a close friend to Gorbachev?’I asked him why Zakhaev will endanger himself by proposing such deals like that.’Price,you have no idea how power can change people.Sometimes,people will do something really stupid just to gain it.’MacMillan replied honestly to my question.

We then passed through a large field.I thought this will be a walk in the park but then,sound of heavy vehicles filled through the air.’Get down,now!’MacMillan said to me with urgency.’Easy,lad.There’s too many of them.Keep a low profile and hold your fire.If you want to move,do it slow and steady,no quick movement.’Waiting for them to pass while at the same time,maneuvering our position is very gruelling.But,our patience is finally rewarded as we slowly passed them,moving even closer to that meeting point.Still,Pripyat is full with surprises.When we reached the junkyard at the end of the field,we see the full carnage committed by Zakhaev against his opposers.’Looks like they eliminated the men they couldn’t buy out.Time to top this muppets.’MacMillan signalled me to a group of guards sitting in a container while the other two are patrolling.’Taking these muppets without alerting the rest is not easy but then again,neither sneaking past them.Your call,John.’Once he give his thumbs up,I immediately take out the guard while he take another one.’Sir,we must avenge those men.’I voiced my opinion on those dead Russians.MacMillan assured me,’Their deaths will be avenged.Tell me your in position?’Once I confirmed my position,he said,’Now.’Immediately,two Ultranationalists fall dead while busy dumping those bodies in a small pond.

We passed through the junkyard and make further grounds to the meeting point.However between us and that,a large convoy of Zakhaev’s men outside.’That’s a bloody convention out there.Get ready to move on my signal.Stay right beside me.’He reminded me before moving again.Once the old man give the signal,we swiftly make our way,sneaking past the convoy by crawling under their trucks.Once situation in our hands,quickly and surely,we made our way through.Then I see something,a threat that could potentially reveal our whereabouts,’Sir,sniper on fire excape.Fourth floor.’Once I signalled the sniper’s location,MacMillan snipe him down with ease,something that still surprised me even today.’It’s still a long way to go,John.Don’t let your guard down,laddie.’He reminded me while passing through those abandoned buildings.We may have been safe but who knows they might being here somewhere.While passing through,I remembered years ago,before Chernobyl incident,Pripyat is a bustling settlement.Now,after that incident,it’s no longer the same.’This place is beautiful,sir.’MacMillan reply back with sympathy,probably towards Ukrainians,’Pripyat is beautiful in those days,laddie.Before that tragedy,fifty thousand people once occupied these spaces.Now,it’s a ghost town.’He then sigh with frustration,probably reflecting about the incident and the effects towards the world.’Sir,if we can stop Zakhaev,to the very least,those muppets will not dare using this area because what they’re is downgrading.’I’ll let my feelings out.For the old man,he understand what exacly I’m talking about,’I understand your feelings,lad.We’ll make them regret for what they’ve done.’

June 3rd,1996

We finally reached the hotel and head to the highest point to observe the meeting.It’s a long,gruelling wait for both us but eventually the man that we wanted finally emerged.Apart from Zakhaev,other Ultranationalists,probably his security details and his clients are present as well.’Price,take note on variables involved.One mistake and we’ll be dead in five.’MacMillan reminded me while continue observing the meeting.As the meeting progressed,wind continuously disrupting our aim.And then,those bloody Hinds,once in a while,making an appearance,checking the area.Then,suddenly,we see Zakhaev is furious with his clients.Both MacMillan and I can only speculate what they’re arguing about.’Is he talking about us or the weapons,sir?’I asked him with an anxious tone.’MacMillan shrugged his shoulder and reply,’I believe he’s furious about the weapons.Either they failed to bring those rods or he will have them later.’Eventually,with variables on our side,the old man signalled me to take the shot.With Zakhaev in my sight,I unleashed that lethal shot.Zakhaev went down along with his associates as frenzy surrounded the area.’Nice shot,Leftenant.Shock and blood loss should take care the rest.’MacMillan praises my markmanship.

However,it is not long Ultranationalists will track us once I release the trigger.And it did.’Take down that bloody Hind,Price.That should buy us some time.’MacMillan’s urgency forced me to shoot that Hind and it work perfectly.We immediately made our escape by rappeling down from the hotel.Barely few seconds we rappeled down,the hotel is blown by angry Ultranationalists.’I never expect that kind of reaction,sir.’I voiced my shock over that explosion.MacMillan cynically replied,’Well,that’s the price we have to pay for disturbing a hornet’s nest!’As we run to the extraction zone,the old man made contact,’Alpha Two Four.This is Alpha Six.We’ve been compromised!I repeat we’ve been compromised!Now heading to Extraction Point Four,over!’Then our extraction team reply,’Alpha Six.Big Bird is en-route.ETA 20 minutes.We’re stretching our fuel as it is.Get there as fast as you can or you miss your transport.’When we heard that,we knew we have to reach our LZ before it’s too late.However,the presence of Ultranationalists further complicated our efforts to reach there.’Forget these muppets,John!We need to be in the LZ now!Get moving!Go!’MacMillan and I pushed through that barrage of fire and escape to an abandoned apartment.However,we knew these men will relentlessly persecuted us like rats here.

While fending off Ultranationalists resistance,a Hind suddenly appear from a distance.Realizing how close that Hind,MacMillan shouted,’Incoming chopper!Shoot that bloody bastard!Price,snipe that chopper!We’ll bring it down together!’We take aim on that Hind and that chopper fall with ease.However,it comes with a price.While we’re escaping from that chopper,MacMillan somehow slipped,messing up his leg in the process.Due to that circumstances,I’m being forced to carry him while fending off Ultranationalists opposition.The old man look to me and said,’Sorry mate if I’m being a burden to you.’I can only reply,’No,sir.Not at all.Hang in there,we’re almost there.You’re no burden to me,Mac.’

Eventually,we arrived in the extraction zone,Pripyat Ferris Wheel at the Palace of Culture.After I put MacMillan behind the Ferris Wheel,the old man tells me to lay claymores throughout the area,allowing us to defend ourselves until extraction.Once I finished laying the traps,MacMillan activate the distress beckon to allow extraction team to locate us.’Alright,lad.I’ve activated the beckon.Good luck.”I’ll bet they will surprised what’s in store for them.’I said to him while try to control my laughter about those claymores.Sometimes,there is a need to smile to boost chances for survival and he seems agree with.In fact,he can’t stop smiling thinking what will happen to them.’Alright,lad,jokes over.Time to get serious.Looks like they here.’MacMillan reminded me and tells me to head to a good position to hit them hard.’Standby.Weapons free.’Once he said that,we unleashed a full barrage of sniper fire towards Ultranationalists.At first,everything went smoothly but then,’Sir,choppers inbound.’I shouted to him as I shift my target towards rappeling soldiers.Realizing the odds are against us,the old man contact our extraction team,’Big Bird,we’re heavily outnumbered!Where the hell are you?!’Hearing our plight,they responded,’Hang in there,Alpha Six.we’ll be there ASAP.Hang tight.’After a few moments,a Sea Knight appeared and the extraction team return fire while MacMillan and I managed to safety in the helicopter.Once we’re inside,the chopper immediately leave Pripyat with ease despite continuous assault from the Ultranationalists.Both of us breathe a huge sigh of relief,’We did it.Looks like they have to remain quiet for awhile.’MacMillan said with a huge grin in his face.I’m not sure about that.We may have pull this one out but I feel somehow,Zakhaev survived.Because after that shooting,one of the vehicles arriving on that side is driven very fast.I assume it is unlikely,but possible for Zakhaev to survive this assasination attempt.And I believe,this will not be the last time the world will see Imran Zakhaev.