May 30th,1996


Prime Minister Joseph Arnett


The atmosphere inside No.10 Downing Street is very tense.Everybody issued their opinions very strongly,with their body languages,gestures and facial expressions regarding this matter.I never expect in my first month here,I have to handle this particular matter.I wish everything that occur before is just a dream.But then again,as a new premier of this glorious nation,I have to rise and ready to face any challenge that lies ahead.


That early morning,the head of Secret Intelligence Service (SIS),Richard Greene appear in the meeting room.At that time,Cabinet members and I have just finished our meeting.But his appearance is very different.Despite his attempts to hide his nervousness,we can feel that something is not right.After he inform us about the intel he receives,now we understand why.


‘Ladies and gentlemen,we’re just receive news from counterparts in France and America that there is going to be arms deal between Imran Zakhaev and a small number of bidders in Pripyat,Ukraine.The deal will take place exactly in 72 hours.What’s more disturbing is that Zakhaev selling nuclear rods to them.’Once he inform us with that information,we can understand his anxiousness about that.


Imran Zakhaev is a well-known arms dealer,dealing with terrorist organizations and rogue nations.Back in Cold War,according to SIS,he’s a high ranking military officer and has huge influence in the Communist Party.However after the fall of Iron Curtain,he become disillusioned with the government and become an arms dealer.After amassing a huge amount of wealth,Zakhaev established Ultranationalist Party and use his wealth to attract followers to join his cause.What’s even more disturbing is that Zakhaev will do everything necessary to achieve his goal including murder.Just recently,barely a few days after I becoming the new premier of United Kingdom,Scotland Yard investigate series of murders throughout Britain involving Russian journalists,politicians and businessman.At first,the police thought these killings are random.However,MI5 realize all these victims shared one commonality,all of them opposed Imran Zakhaev and become his huge critics in the past.Most of the Cabinet members want Kremlin to take action on Zakhaev but I decided not to in order to prevent a diplomatic crisis.The last thing I need is creating problems with other nations.


However,situation is changing.With Zakhaev in Pripyat along with the weapons,all of us knew we’ve to work fast.If this weapon falls to the wrong hands,tragic events will occur around the world and the world we know may no longer be the same.


‘Ladies and gentlemen,time to consider our options.Time is the essence here.We’ve to act fast or else,God knows what these muppets will do with that massive firepower.’Once I finished my word,immediately,suggestions coming from all sides.One suggest an idea,immediately dismissed by others due factors involved.Later,this would turn into a massive debate,debating what exactly a right move.


‘Mr.Prime Minister,I suggest we performed an assasination on Zakhaev.We have to take this necessary action to show our stand for this one.’ Secretary of Defence,James Rocastle suggested.However,other members of the Cabinet dismissed the idea,calling it very risky and potentially caused a bitter feud between London and Moscow.Plus,even if the assasination is successful,there will be others that will replace him.


‘We have to be cautious here,Rocastle.It’s easy eliminating him but the risks are very high.Plus,even if we managed to pull this out,the Russians will return with vengeance.You have to remember,Zakhaev is a close ally to current president,Yuri Gorbachev.’Foreign Secretary,William Blake warned Rocastle with his dismisal gesture.Rocastle immediately retaliate by saying,’I don’t care if he’s an ally to Gorbachev!Even though they’re close,I doubt Gorbachev knows his illegal activities.Plus,Gorbachev make pledge with the West to make our world a better place to live in a summit last year.Trust me,Kremlin will not take any actions on this.Besides,this could be a good way to avenge the death of our citizens at the hands of Zakhaev’.Greene support his opinion by saying,’An opportunity we cannot waste.Besides,he become a thorn in our sides for years.I’ll say,Mr.Prime Minister,we can pull this out.’


Those who heard the argument slowly agreed with Rocastle’s idea.Despite some felt this move will only benefited Kremlin,they finally relent and accept assasination as the only option.Even Blake being forced to admit this is a viable on dealing this imminent threat.However,he still worried,’Rocastle,even if we agreed performing this assasination,chances of success is still thin.Churchill approve this method years ago and yet,we failed miserably killed Hitler.Tell me about it?’


Rocastle reply,’We’ve to admit,chances of success is very marginal,let alone survival because we’re doing behind enemy lines.But I can assure you all,what we’re doing will only benefited Britain in long run.’Once he finished word,I decided to deliver my decision,’Ladies and gentlemen,I believe this our only viable option.All of us have reservation on this but this is the right thing to do.It’s really hard and we fear we might incur the full wrath of our ally for this one.But,there’s no turning back.One way or another,Zakhaev must be stopped at all cause.’


‘Tell me,we have the best man for the job?’Greene responded,’I believe we have sir.These men are the finest in their fields.’Once I know about that,there’s a huge sigh of relief in me.’Tell them to get ready.Right now,everybody is pining their hope on them.Failure is not an option!’


That emergency meeting is finally over.Still,many discussed about Imran Zakhaev and the impact of our decision for years to come.As I walked towards my office,my deputy,Howard King,started to question my motive on this matter.’Joseph,what exactly you’re thinking?This is bloody suicide!’I being forced to go on defensive,’In the meeting,you seems quiet and agreed with this operation.I thought you agreed on this.’Anger started to flare between us but I do not want to pick a fight at times like this.’Look,Howard,I do not want to pick a fight here.I believe this is a viable option.Besides,this is our chance to avenge the death of our countrymen at the hands of Zakhaev.I’ll never let this go unanswered!’King seemingly noticed with my attitude,questions again,’You know this is a suicide.You must remember,Gorbachev is a manipulator who can turn the table against us.’His words reminded me about my position in the government.I’m just a rookie in this merciless arena.One way or another,my opponents will do whatever means necessary to bring me down.I finally admit,’It’s true this is bloody suicidal.I understand everything is in jeopardy if this decision reveals to the public.But I considered every options available.Assasination is the last but it’s the most reasonable thing we could done.I can assure you everything will go smoothly as planned.’Despite that assurance,King warned me,’I’ll take your word on this one.But beware,things could turned worst if they failed.The last thing we need is an earbashing from Kremlin.’I assured him once again,’Have faith in them,my friend.’