Sergeant Wallcroft led an all out assault on Inner Circle in Canary Wharf,Britain.

After I finished watching Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 walkthroughs on YouTube,I have to say,this is by far the most epic game ever produced.Some may criticized the storyline a bit lame and failed to achieve the same heights as its predecessor but I believe it’s otherwise.Modern Warfare 3 provide an excellent closure to Modern Warfare series.Moments such as Soap’s death,America’s victory driving Russia out from their home soil,revelation involving Yuri’s past and his immense knowledge about Makarov and most importantly,Makarov’s death at Price’s hand are absolutely incredible.These moments compounded with action scenes such as firefight in midair,chasing underground train as well as escaping from Russians missile cannot be traded by any game offered right now.You can feel emotions run high and the stake is getting higher than anyone could imagined.It is no surprised if anyone dubbed this last installment of Modern Warfare series as man’s darkest hour as well as showing true characters of a man at times like this.Plus,the return of known characters from previous Modern Warfare series such as Kamarov,Nikolai,MacMillan,Wallcroft and Griffen further add the excitement and emotional stake around this installment.I’m being with this series since 2007 and along the way,I may had strong emotional attachment to that.This series not only entertained us with its colorful characters,exciting set up,interesting storyline and beautiful background but it also teach us how we seriously ignored human qualities at times like that,could possibly realizing its greatest potential anyone have ever seen.Modern Warfare series also reminded us about the need to take lessons from past incidents because it could probably one massive step forward for a better future.I believe Modern Warfare could surpassed its predecessor and set a new record in the chart.It’s hard to say goodbye to this series but I believe their legacy will lasted longer than anyone could imagined.Da Svidaniya,brothers.