On November 6,2011,Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer release another trailer to coincide with the countdown to the official release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 worldwide.This live action trailer features Avatar protagonist and the man behind Agent Alex Mason,Sam Worthington,comedian Jonah Hill and NBA star,Dwight Howard.Here,both Worthington and Hill explore places where the game take place like London,Moscow,Berlin and New York.In this trailer as well,both of them also represent different types of players for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3.Worthington represent veteran gamers who know exactly what they’re doing while Hill represent novice players,seemingly oblivious and impulsive while playing.For single player campaign fans,it seems like both Infinity and Sledgehammer may realize your dream to see who will feature as real live characters in Call of Duty Modern Warfare series.If you watched teaser trailer before,Worthington plays the role first as Delta Force operative,Sandman battling Ultranationalist forces in New York while during a firefight inside Russian aircraft,he become Russian agent trying to prevent Inner Circle and their leader,Vladimir Makarov from capturing Russian President,Boris Vorshevsky.This scene features heavily in Redemption and Launch Trailer.Before the trailer ends,a slogan appear said there is a soldier in all of us.Question is who do you think characters in Modern Warfare series are embodied inside you?I believe we all have our own answers for that one.