When Arab League announced that Syria willing to put an end to the violence that marred its stability,there are mixed reactions among Syrians.Some breathe a huge sigh of relief because it could mark the return of peace to Syria.Others such as members of opposition however remain skeptikal with Syria’s commitment and questioned Arab League’s ability to halt Syria from committing these violent acts on civilians.They believe Arab League is still divided and weak due to internal feud for decades.Therefore,the resolution issued by the league will only buy Syrian government more time to slaughter civilians and regroup.Despite agreeing the resolution,Syrian troops continuously slaughtering civilians without mercy at all.Even after Aidiladha celebration,these loyalists continues attacking civilians.Without a shadow doubt,al-Assad is no longer have legitimacy to rule Syria and with continuous violence and promises failed to be realized,Syrians sees him as Syria’s public enemy no.1 followed by his inner circles consist of his own Alawi tribe.What al-Assad did is a betrayal to people itself.Massive bombing and assault on civilians followed by restriction to media coverage showed how desperate he is to cling to power.Despite putting a brave face and threaten the West that Syria will not turn into a new Libya,I can sense his insecurity and anxiety dealing with this uprising.After Arab Spring,all government in Middle East are now vulnerable and exposed to this new found strength.Arabians demanded their rights to be returned and their willingness to dig deep in order to achieve their goal proved to be a huge success.Ben Ali being forced to leave Tunisia,living in exile in Saudi Arabia.Hosni Mubarak is prosecuted for crimes against Egyptians after stepping down from his presidency.The most shocking,the death of Allahyarham Colonel Muammar Gaddafi at the hands of revolutionary fighters in Libya.Now,Syria and Yemen are entrenched,surrounded by their own countrymen,demanded full reformation respectively.Other nations including the West and Turkey voiced their opinion that dictatorship rules is no longer relevant in this era,further fueled the people to stake their claim and liberate their nation fro ruthless dictators like al-Assad and Abdullah Salleh.This is why Syrian government agree with the resolution.al-Assad is just buying more time to flee from the country because he knows,one way or another,his government will fall,either at the hands of dissented soldiers or the people itself.Question is,when is the right moment for him to leave?