Several weeks ago,when the chairperson of UNESCO announced that Palestine was accepted as the latest member of UNESCO,members can felt the sense of joy burst through the scene.Many stand and applaud the decision,a morale-boosting victory over Israel.Others however disappointed with this decision.Once White House being informed with this decision,they immediately announced that funds allocated for UNESCO will be cut with immediate effect.They said recognizing Palestine are opposed to Washington official stance that no recognition Palestine’s statehood through diplomatic channel and instead through peace negotiation with Israel.I called this particular decision as absolute stupidity.All because recognizing people’s right that have been oppressed like rats in their own land for the last several decades.With this shocking announcement,people now realize that America’s administration can no longer be trusted and people view White House as puppets for Israel.Two years ago,when Obama promised changes will be made on their policies,there is glimmer of hope for everyone.However,people now realize any promised made by America are worthless.Look what happen now.Failure to deal with economy crisis led to massive campaign of ‘Occupy Wall Street’,spreading to other parts of the world.Americans are frustrated with their government because of lack of efforts to address their plight.Instead,those funds are allocated to major corporations and military operations abroad.As long as no massive revamp on their policies are executed,this could be America’s darkest hour,I’ll say the worst since 1920’s.Hypocrisy and betrayal have long shadowed this great nation.Trust will no longer easily be obtained following series of incident throughout the years.And by the time they realize it’s already too late to change their ways,is it too late to be rescued from this muddy situation?