For the last few years,Malaysian football have seen the rise of emerging forces from the East Coast,Kelantan and Terengganu as titans in this era.However,every era must come to an end.The recent decline of these teams in domestic competitions such as Malaysian Super League (MSL),FA Cup and Malaysian Cup for supporters are very disturbing.Some accused the management for failure to steer their beloved team to victory.Others accused the players failed to deliver their responsibility and lived up the expectations.Despite continuous financial backing either from state government or private sectors,somehow along the way,everything is not right.As a neutral,I believe it’s about time for both Kelantan and Terengganu return to basics in order to reverse this decline.Is it worth to invest a vast sum of money on players but failed to deliver expectations?I believe it is not.Funds available should be used to invest for the future and strengthen the current management setup to provide more stability and competition to other players.I can’t blame players who want higher salary to safeguard their future.But,there is a time where players must make decision either for money or for footballing reason.Otherwise,these men will be labeled as greedy and bloodsuckers in near future.For example,for the last several years,state football association blasted their former players for being greed and ungrateful despite being offered decent amount of wages and bonuses.As a result,some of this players later suspended by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for breaching their contract.For these titans,youth is now the key.It may take time for them to blossom but in the end,both teams may reap their rewards in a long run.This is the right time for Kelantan and Terengganu to start revamping their academies and invest a huge sum of money on that.It’s okay to pay huge wage to players as long as they are willing to play heroically without compromising financial stability.But if something goes wrong,be professional and step down if you think you’re no longer capable bringing this team to a new level.