While European leaders breathe a huge sigh of relief after saving Greece from the brink of oblivion,an announcement made by George Papendreou made everyone stunned.Greece’s move to seek referendum for the bailout put them back in this sticky mud.European leaders refused to comment on Greece’s move but experts and analysts believe this move is suicidal.For Greeks,this move further enrage them and proves to them that the current government are pathetic and unable to turn things around.The Greeks believe that referendum should be executed before accepting any bailout either from Europe or IMF.Many question the premier’s motive.Is it to put Greece in a very great bargaining position with European nations and IMF?Or this latest move conducted to salvage and regain superiority on a nation?Either way,for me,it’s a depressing moment for Greeks.Not only they have to suffer the severe effects of that austerity package,now they seeing their beloved nation becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.I sympathize with the Greeks because they have such idiotic,pathetic leaders who cares nothing except power and their own interest.Their latest folly is a huge embarrassment and these men and women in the cabinet must resign with immediate effect.Greeks can no longer accept your failure.Greeks are suffering under your leadership.I feared if you lot continue your stay to power,revolution is a huge possibility in Greece.It might seems impossible but who knows what will happen in future.Remember Arab Spring?