In the second instalment of Call of Duty Modern Warfare series,one of the highlights of this game is when Soap killed Shepherd by throwing a knife to his face.With the death of that treacherous general,it also set in motion events that force Soap,Captain John Price and Nikolai to flee from either Interpol or Makarov’s Inner Circle.However,what if Shepherd survived and instead arrested by SAS and Russian Loyalists?It may sound a bit anti-climatic but in the real world,it may be plausible.Western powers especially America may realize Shepherd’s motives after Loose Ends and The Enemy of My Enemy incidents taking place.Perhaps,in the midst of chaos and while busy planning their operation,one of them may tip British government and Russian Loyalists based in America about Shepherd’s betrayal and the existence of Shadow Company.Remember Captain Price’s transcript before the start of Endgame?It may be possible that Western intelligence such as CIA and MI-6 receive the transcript and investigate what exactly happen during six day global conflict.Once they aware of Price’s intention,Western powers might to act fast because Shepherd may have valuable information to put an end to this conflict and possibly,capturing mastermind behind the events of No Russian,the head of Inner Circle and the most wanted man on Earth,Vladimir Makarov.Despite Shepherd’s order to destroy Site Hotel Bravo in order to eliminate any incriminating evidence against him,there is a possibility the West send an extraction team to collect those evidences and help Soap and Price capturing Shepherd.It also possible that global manhunt on both Price and Soap is just a ruse to allow them to escape and capturing Makarov,thus,clearing their names at the same time.If Shepherd did captured,then his death and burial at Arlington would be a lie.America may have to in order to prevent Shepherd’s betrayal never reach to the public.If the news leaked to the surface,public support towards the current government would diminished swiftly.The question sounds rhetoric but the possibility is endless.