Every time I tune in to watch some war period games trailer,in the comment section,fans and detractors will trade barbs about that particular game.Recently,when I watched latest trailers of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3,same thing happen.Look,we all have our own favorite games.Mine is Call of Duty : Modern Warfare series.And yet,while we’re enjoying playing the role of a soldier fighting on the frontlines,we do not realize that reality is closer than we ever imagined.For example,the feeling while playing.We can feel adrenaline rush,nervousness and hesitation through our mind and body.Split second decision will determine between life and death in your situation.While we’re frustrated that our character is dead and respawn,real soldiers on the other only have one life.One wrong decision could spell trouble for them while facing the enemy itself.Another thing that surprised me is the horrors of the war itself.You name it,atrocities committed by Allies and Axis forces during WWII such as executing prisoners of war and using vast array of destructive weapons such as flamethrower,phosphorus  and atomic bomb.We never thought even a sane man would commit such crimes.Yet,this is what people called WWII as the darkest hour of mankind.Hatred and vengeance filled the air as showed in Call of Duty World at War.Other events that shocked our nerves are such as shady arms dealing in Pripyat involving Imran Zakhaev,launch massive purge on local minorities in Azerbaijan,assassinating the president of unnamed Middle East nations,detonating a nuclear bomb and massacring civilians at Zakhaev International Airport.All of this happen in Call of Duty Modern Warfare series.All these crimes were committed to strike fear to other nations and further strengthening their cause.These events may look fictional but it also shows how vulnerable we are at times like this.9/11,London bombing and Oslo massacre are further proofs to the world that if we miscalculate our judgement to handle situations like this,believe me,even the will of single men will be broken and shattered in pieces.It will take a while for nations for fully recovered from that particular blow and rise once again as respective figure in world stage.