As Thailand still struggled on vanquishing insurgency in the south,another tragedy struck the nation without any mercy at all.Massive floods hitting northern region of Thailand.Even Bangkok,known by Western orientalists as Venice of Asia,cannot escape from this disaster.A challenging time for newly appointed premier,Yingluck Shinawatra.While the government still struggled managing the crisis,insurgents in the south taking advantage on that dire situation by launching massive assaults throughout the region.Random shootings and bombings,all designed to create chaos in the south.It seems like these insurgents are trying to challenge and humiliate the fledgling government who has just in power for several months.It’s a nightmare for any politician.And yet,Yingluck and fellow cabinet members seems eager to tackle one crisis to another.I believe this is the right time for Yingluck to prove her mettle as a politician and a leader to show her ability to steer Thailand away from these crisis.This is also a chance for her to prove that her win in previous election is not a fluke at all.Of course,many detractors questioned her decision to barricade Bangkok from that massive flood,a decision later proved to be costly.However,at times like this,politics must be put aside to ensure citizens escape from this disaster.Even her predecessor,Abhisit Vejajiva is willing to lend a hand to tackle this crisis.However,as situation returning to normal at some point,massive challenge lies ahead for this fledgling government.This is where the true test begin.If they fail,then serious question marks will emerge whether Yingluck is just a puppet for his brother,ousted Prime Minister,Thaksin Shinawatra or fresh power struggle will occur once again,further tarnished Thailand’s credibility in the eyes of the world.