Many wonder what exactly going on in Pakistan.Continuous bloodbath,internal bickering among political factions and a large presence of extremist shadowed this beautiful country.For Pakistanis,events that occur is normal.Violence is part of their life.However,many feared if violence continue to show it’s face here,Pakistan may face the darkest hour and possibly left behind in this new era of technology.Some even boldly predict Pakistan may become a failed state like Somalia.However,not all agree with that statement.Some political analyst believe there is still a glimmer of hope for this country to recover from its slump.

First,introducing moderate approach to combat radicalism and extremism in Pakistan.For years,extremism have been rooted in Pakistan,exploiting the ignorance of the mass here.As a result,some believe the current approach made by the current government is a failure,leading them to believe they have responsibility to remove these figures,whatever means necessary to achieve their objective.Many Pakistanis want this element to be vanquished permanently because their ideals are against Islamic teachings.Furthermore,because of them,the image of Islam has been tainted and the fact that most victims of their brutality are civilians making them Pakistan’s no.1 public enemy.I believe once this method is implemented,the mass population will reject them,further isolating and decreasing their support to their cause.Moreover,I believe peace will finally coexist in this beautiful land.

Next,fostering unity among its citizens.For years,unity seems a distant dream for Pakistanis.All because of internal bickering,power struggle and even murder exist since their independence.Despite efforts are made to unite all factions,these overtures are rejected due to their believe that their tribe,their faction are superior than the other.Attitudes like this must be vanquished because it will only cost Pakistan dearly later.This kind of division will only allowed foreign elements to enter Pakistan,turning the current situation become even worse.I believe every Pakistanis dream to see their country united and live peacefully and harmony.However,as long as this attitude still existed,for me,it’s just another dream fade away.

Third,launch a massive overhaul on the current system itself.For years,Pakistanis always complained that the current system is marred by corruption and double standard.This particular weakness allowed radicals and warlords to exploit the loopholes,allowing them to roam freely in Pakistan.This task may look difficult but it has to be done to prevent these bastards from exploiting these loopholes and become a threat to this country.Furthermore,to the very least,a massive overhaul like that would restore Pakistan’s credibility and integrity in the eyes of the world.But,it remains to be seen if this overhaul can be done.

Lastly,quashed any customs or culture that against Islamic teachings.Several years ago,the government introduced new laws replacing the old ones.However,some Pakistanis questioned why certain customs is still allowed in some areas.Some even accusing the government for being bias in order to protect their own interest only,not Pakistanis.I understand in order to remain in power,the government has to compromise.But that does not mean collaborating with certain tribes,allowing these customs continue to exist.Actions such as honor killing and downgrading women are no longer tolerated in this new world.Believe me,if these acts continue,then I’m not surprised if these groups will later be labeled as barbarians and idiots.

I would like to conclude that there is still hope for Pakistan to recover.I still believe that this country,famous for their superiority in cricket and hockey,will be peaceful once again.However,it’s up to Pakistanis to decide what is the best for their country.It is now or never.