These days,social problem have become a  major issue in Malaysia.Many people,including notable figures feared if this problem continues,Malaysia will face its darkest hour.Despite sheer efforts made by our government to combat this disease,it somehow refuse to go away.If I’m the Prime Minister of Malaysia,a series of strict and severe measures will be taken to tackle this problem.

First,I’ll declare booze as illegal.Some may contested it as violating their rights but it has to be made to combat this particular matter completely.Doctors and health experts believed consuming too much alcohol will lead to symptoms such as heart failure,cardiac arrest,brain damage and death.Furthermore,I believe all religions outlawed alcohols and consider it as roots of evils.Why we would allowed something unhealthy that has been proven scientifically to exist in our country?Furthermore,if we called ourselves an Islamic nation,then why booze are still allowed?I believe with this kind of action,we’re restoring our reputation as a honorable country.Let those people lambasted our moves.We’re doing this to save our generation from being chewed by unhealthy cultures.

Next,banning all nightclubs across Malaysia.Some may argue,telling me that nightclubs should continue to exist to allow people releasing their stress and exercise to maintain their health.But morally,I would like to ask you,what exactly nightclubs offered?Booze and girls.Allowing these clubs to continue their operation is a shot to the leg.Tell me,promoting adultery and alcohol drinking,isn’t it wrong and against our culture?If your answer is true,then why you let these premises continue their operations?Wake up,people!This is our generation we’re talking about!If we let this kind of business blossoming,then I feared our darkest hour is closer than we ever expected.

Next,banning pornographic sites.In the middle of 2011,our government announced that file-sharing websites are banned in Malaysia.The government believe by banning this sites,it should prevent piracy and protected local artists rights.I lauded such move but I believe that ban should be extended to pornographic sites.Pornographic sites are some of the major causes of adultery in our country.The fact that our people,who happens to be our friends and loved ones,uploading such disgusting videos to the web is very embarrassing.How long we’ll let this go unanswered?Even children at a tender age are dare to surf this website.It’s a major concern for Malaysians especially parents.Banning these sites will be a huge blessing for our beloved Malaysia.

After that,set up new rules and etiquette while attending events such as concerts and competitions.Rules such as separating men and women and banning artists consider to be a threat to our culture,for some,a bit harsh and hard.And yet,these measures need to be taken.These measures will prevent viewers especially women from being victims of crimes such as molestation and pick-pocketing.Furthermore,it will also prevented viewers from intermingling with each other except for those who have family ties.Banning such artists from ever coming to our country is to ensure our pride as a nation will never be tainted.For years,we allowed these artists with disturbing backgrounds to entertain our citizens.But now,they are no longer allowed to be here.Some may call this as old fashion but I don’t care.I’m more interested saving our citizens from being victims of their own wrongdoings.

Those who read this may a bit disturbed.But believe me,if we do not act now,our country may crumbled and our heritage will be lost forever.Anything can be replaced except our religion and our culture.Once we lost it,it will be a huge task to restore and making it glimmer once again.