Sunday evening,when I heard the news and see the footage,it’s horrifying.Yes,you know what happen.Yesterday,Italian rider,Marco Simoncelli died after colliding with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi while racing in Malaysian MotoGP at Sepang.First of all,my condolence to Simoncelli’s family.He’ll be missed dearly by all motoring fans.However,at the same time,I’m a bit upset with some spectators.These idiots are throwing water bottles and other debris to the circuit because of lengthy delay.These idiots show no respect at all to organizer,especially to riders.Believe me,they want to race and fighting for a win,but when tragedy strike,all rivalries have to be put aside.Safety and riders welfare are first priorities.What happen if organizers decide to continue racing?Riders are more exposed to unknown peril in the circuit.Furthermore,this decision is an insult to the deceased.Be mature for ones.We’re proud to have some of the most passionate fans in the world but for this attitude?It’s absolutely embarrassing.If we continued this kind of behaviour,our pride will shattered and squashed in the eyes of the world.Is this the attitude for a developed nation?