“Your moves are miscalculated.And underestimate your enemies-your biggest mistake.You will find the will of a single man can be broken.” Captain John Price (Call of Duty : Modern Warfare series)

That quote still haunt everyone including me.He maybe just another character in a future when the darkest hour strike mercilessly to humanity.But,at the same time,it also a timing reminder that one simple mistake could led to a huge downfall of a nation,leading to embarrassment and humiliation to the eyes of the world.Sometimes,this mistake could break anyone until they are incapacitated,no longer have the will to fight for something they believe.

One grim example is America’s participation in Vietnam.Every Americans thought this war can be won due to their overwhelming advantage against the Viet Congs.But as time passed,casualty grew each day and the Vietnamese seemingly outnumbered Americans and their allies force them to retreat,allowing Vietnamese to emerge victorious against one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

Now,America repeated the same mistake all over again.Invading Afghanistan and Iraq.Despite continuous opposition either from leaders or ordinary citizens,America can still believe to emerge victorious in this so-called war against terrorism.And yet,they still fail.Stability and security remain uncertain while power struggle is open to interpretation.Looks like the current leadership have to sort out this mess immediately.Otherwise,those words may haunt them yet again.