While touring Malaysia to promote his new album,events that unfolded in Middle East inspired singer,composer and lyricist,Maher Zain to compose a song regarding events that occurred.Titled ‘Freedom’,he performed this new single and dedicated it to freedom activists and fighters that struggled against dictators and foreign forces alike.Of course,when the single is released,reactions towards it are mixed.Some believe the song is a political message.Others believe this song as a way to show his moral support to  our brothers in Middle East.For me,I believe he’s taking note on events occurred in Middle East and I believe this song not only acts as his own gesture of moral support to our friends there,there are others.If we listen carefully,this song also delivered simple,yet powerful message which is reign of terror is no longer acceptable and people have their rights to acquire their own freedom.I believe this song has inspired everyone to stake what’s belong to them and further fueled their motivation to freed their country from corrupted figures such as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi,Hosni Mubarak and Zein al Abidin Ben Ali.While in other parts of Middle East such as Syria and Yemen,spirit of reformation and revolution remains alive despite continuous assault by government forces under orders from the likes Bashar al-Assad and Ali Abdullah Saleh.In fact,they even more determined to ensure freedom will be achieve in no time at all.Even Westerners decided to take on the street to voice their frustration towards their governments respectively and staking some freedom they have lost to be returned to them.And I believe,the timing is correct.This is the time freedom must be restored and making sure their respective rights are honored once again.