Today,I’m very pissed and angered when I heard news Indonesians questioned Susilo’s motive to award a medal to His Highness,our beloved King.For me,it’s a huge insult to Malaysians alike.Our King is a symbol of our country.Letting these pathetic idiots questioned those award to our King is a huge slap to our face.All these time,we’re being good neighbour but this is what we get in return?We’re giving Indonesians every opportunity to succeed here.We’re even showed some tolerance as a gesture of good faith to prevent certain issues from festering even further.If we lived in the past,these idiots must apologized or being condemned to death penalty for insulting our beloved ruler.Certain rules are imposed to teach people how to respect a ruler with its stature.Of course,punishment can be harsh but it is necessary to protect our ruler’s image from being tarnished and further increase a huge respect to our beloved nation.However,these days,punishment for these offences are lenient.Believe me,these offenders will never take any lesson from their sentences and continue stoking more fuel to the raging fire itself.Malaysian government must pursue severe punishment for these pathetic insufferable fools because it has something to do with our national pride and our honourable image in the eyes of the world.To let this matter remain in the dark is a huge mistake.Our patience and tolerance has its own limit.Sooner or later,our wrath will emerge and others will have to pay a huge price as a consequence for their actions.Indonesians must take note and be a good neighbour as we are.Otherwise,Indonesia will suffer terribly from their miscalculated judgement,leading to their own fall from grace.