Let me be honest with you,I never had any kind of relationship.You may find it surprising but it is my own version of inconvenient truth.At times,when I see my mates leave with their partners,jealousy started to linger around.My desire to have my own girlfriend grew even stronger each day.And yet,somehow,its just another distant dream.I have to admit,I’m a bit awkward while hanging out with girls.Sometimes,I even do something really silly that once in a while,I might end up in the mud,embarrassing myself in the process.I wish those embarrassing moments can be erased but then again,its all just another part of my life.I just want someone to understand my condition and my ideals as well as sharing interests in various subjects.Is it really hard to ask?I just want that.That’s all.I do not want to become another laughing stock by my mates.When it comes to feelings,I’m dead serious.There are times things can be goofed around but not when it comes to human feelings.Wish me luck,guys.Hopefully,I’ll find the one.