Every time Somalia is mentioned,people sees it as a failed state.Violence are rampant throughout the country,with heavy clashes occurred between transitional government forces,backed by African Union soldiers and radical factions led by al-Shabab.Piracy and kidnapping are also present in this area.To add to their woes,poverty and famine make lives even harder for Somalians.For some,situation in Somalia is dire and there is no way to stability to emerge in this war-torn country.However,there is hope for Somalia to emerge from this particular mess.

First of all,stability is required to bring Somalia out from this mess.For years,warlords dominate the area without any fear at all.In times like this,the current government must impose itself as new and only force in Somalia.This kind of action not only will increase confidence to their governmpeaceent among Somalians.Furthermore,the presence of security forces will also intimidate warlords and force them to think twice before waging an all out war against the government.No matter what challenges these radicals thrown to this transitional government,they must show their true resolve,immense determination and strength to show these radicals what true Somalians are made of.If not,stability remains a distant dream for Somalians.

Next,unity among Somalians.For years,Somalians are separated due to their differences on ideology and their choice of method for their struggle.Right now,all sides must put aside their differences and accept the reality itself.Due to this squabbles,Somalians are now suffering from famine and poverty,becoming refugees in their own country.Somalia is also lagging behind in terms of development and force to rely on foreign aids to survive.I would like to ask a question,just how long this dogfight will last?Until Somalia is on the verge of collapse,you will eventually stopped?If your answers for these questions are yes,there you’re the dumbest people I’ve ever heard.Only a lunatic will dare to dream in that chaotic world.For me,you’re traitors to your own people and society.

Last but not least,security is the key to Somalia’s survival in this big bad world.For years,Somalia is known for several reasons such as piracy and terrorist camps.Such label like that further tainted the credibility of transitional government.This is also the reason extremism and fanaticism are rampant among some Somalians.To combat this matter,Somalian government must launch a propaganda war by promoting moderate Islamic values among Somalians.By promoting such values like tolerance and humility,it will put radical factions propaganda machinery into a halt,thus rejecting their ideals.At the same time,this ideal also restore some credibility to Somalians and Islam as a peace lovers.This particular action will also be a strong message to radicals especially al-Shabab,that there is no place for their ideals in this world,especially in Somalia.

I would like to conclude that the key to Somalia’s revival lies among Somalians itself.As long as many Somalians emerge to defy the current wave of violence throughout,I always believe there is hope for this country.May Allah help you through this time,my brothers and my sisters.