Let me start with a word of sympathy towards my friends in Greece.I hope this beautiful nation can recover itself and return to its stature once again.However,at the same time,I expressed my anger towards the government for their failures to deal with economic woes and relied heavily to foreign aids.For me,it’s a stupid move because once Greece finally recovered from its woes,all resources or revenues will be allocated back to International Monetary Fund (IMF) to serve its debt.In the end,Greece will face shortage of funds needed to build a solid foundation for future Greece.Moreover,these debts will allowed multinational companies a foothold in Greece,allowing them to monopolize available market there.

Despite those setbacks,there are still hope for Greece.If the government impose strict financial rulings such as slashing their wages,be prudent on their spending and focus on other resources to generate extra revenue,Greece can overturn this situation and return to its position once again.However,this battle will not be easy.There are bumps along the way but as long the government remain cautious and continue this practice,Greeks can be assured,future will still look bright despite those black clouds.May your luck change,my friends.