It’s been a few weeks after taking my course.Superficially,everything is good but inside no one knows.I feel alone,isolated among them.I have to admit there are some flaw in my social skills.When I tried to start a conversation,I then noticed my world and theirs are worlds apart.No one understands me.No one taking me seriously.I wished time can be rewind once again but it’s just pure fantasy.We all loved those memories that we shared with our close mates but in this big bad world,everyone has its own path and direction,chasing their wildest dream.At the moment,I considered this as one of those difficult periods but in the end,I know I can pass this one as well.Sure,it’s difficult but this is a test from Him.He wants to test my faith and resolve on dealing such particular matter.O Allah,please give me strength and patience while facing this difficult moment of my life.No matter what,I will go through and prove to my doubters that I can be successful like everybody else.Vive Revolucion!