Since the fallen of Tripoli,world community wondered what will happen in Libya.For some,with Gaddafi is on the run,a bright future await Libyans.For Libyans,Gaddafi’s downfall mark the real independence and freedom that they craved for years.However,this new freedom found also come with a price.Libya has to go a long way to free itself from that tainted,disgusting past.

First of all,unity among Libyans.In the past,in order to protect their reigns from any forces,potential enemies were immediately crushed and divided.This was done to weaken their enemies and further tainted their pride and resolve.This also the reason why Libyans failed to dislodge Gaddafi from his position in the past.However,when Libyans rise against their oppressors,all factions unite to bring down Colonel Gaddafi once and for all.However,with Gaddafi is gone,there is a huge power vacuum to fill with.This vacuum must immediately filled to prevent another power struggle in Libya.Otherwise,this new found freedom may not last and a dream to see a new Libya remain uncertain.

Next,the governance itself.In the past,Gaddafi’s inner circle consists of family members and close friends filled key government positions.These men and women were given these posts only because their unwavering support to Gaddafi regime,not because their qualification and experience.Because of that,corruption and power abuses are rampant.For example,while examining Bab al-Aziziya,Gaddafi’s official compound,freedom fighters are astonished to see vast amount of fortune the Gaddafi’s have steal from Libyans for years.To prevent the same situation occurred once again,the newly formed government must be transparent,competent and accountable for their actions.All Libyans want are their country is governed correctly to ensure Libya’s wealth can be enjoyed by everyone.At the same time,it will also restore their credibility and accountability in the eyes of the world.

Next,scrapped the current educational system.For years,many consider Libya’s educational system as idiotic and promoting Colonel Gaddafi as some sort of a cult figure.Scrapping it will be a massive boost for Libyans because to the very least,in some way,they no longer being shadowed by that idiotic dictator.Furthermore,this is also a chance for Libyans to educate young generation about unity and solidarity among them.In order to create stability in Libya,unity is the key.If Libyans failed to achieve unity,the future looks grim on this soil.

I will like to conclude that the key to a bright future for Libya lies among Libyans themselves.They the ones who have now the opportunity to carve their names in history.This is their chance to prove a new,free Libya is ready to embrace the world once again.