Several years before,our filmmakers complain that conditions set by LPF is too strict.They say,those conditions prevented them from utilizing their creativity on their work.Now,ever since LPF decided to upheld those restriction,filmmakers express their creativity,sometimes for some,a bit too far.As fans,we understand that some scenes either in movies or television series have to be depicted in order to strengthen the story itself.But should we consider depicted those scenes symbolically?To the very least,viewers will understand what exactly going on.We’re not like those filmmakers in other parts of the world.We’re still hold firmly to our moral ethics and cultural values in our daily lives.Moreover,as filmmakers,it’s our responsibility to show good moral values and ethics to society especially the young ones.I fear,if we continue allowing these scenes appear either in silver screen or television channels,their minds will be corrupted in no time.I believe despite those restrictions,our filmmakers can still perform miracles to attract moviegoers to cinemas nationwide.There is no need to depict those scenes if story lines and acting is considered bad by fans.What moviegoers want is a story with quality screenplay,high quality image and undisputed performance from actors.So,I would like to ask you a question,what exactly will you choose,unrestricted creativity expression with a huge price to pay or restrictions that allowed you to create miracles that possibly one of the highest box office movies of all times?Either way,it’s your choice.