Without doubt,I sympathize my friends in America.Due to economic slump,Americans facing what I called their darkest hour.Nothing is done to help ordinary citizens.Instead,funds were channeled to financial institution and major companies.For Americans,where exactly is justice?They’re the ones who suffered out there.Losing their jobs and nowhere to go while corporate leeches enjoying their windfall.For them,this is a betrayal in plain sight.To be honest,if I’m a President of United States of America,I would rather concentrate my effort and resources to stabilize and strengthen America’s economy rather than meddling with foreign affairs.Yes,foreign matters are important but when our country in need for help,we have to lend our hands and working together restoring it back to its original state.President Obama,please listen to your people’s voice.Their needs must be prioritized before your beloved ally.If you don’t heed to their voices,I fear the same wave of revolution hitting Middle East may hit your capital.Or this could turned into America’s darkest hour since Great Depression.