For years,extremists dominated front pages with various claims and exploits,telling the world that this the only way for them to change the world.Not everyone agree with their claims,and yet somehow certain quarters supported them because their struggle against injustice to the weak.Time past and nothing has changed.Despite their leaders assurance to the public that victory is certain,people’s reaction suggest otherwise.Populace showed their disgust towards their methods and the fact they also targeting civilians,further enraged the society itself.But everything change on early weeks of 2011.No one expected wave of revolution will hit Middle East so hard even leaders scrambling,trying to save their own ass.But it’s already too late.First,the fallen of Tunisia.Hosni Mubarak ousted from his presidency in Egypt.Even the mighty and arrogant Gaddafi is on the run from his fellow Libyans.Now,al-Assad and Saleh faced a huge struggle to defend their leadership from the hands of the people.Every civilian rise to reclaim their rights from these bastards.They had enough and want to see changes to their beloved nation.These events showed violence is no longer appealed to the masses.In fact,they rejected this particular method because its against Islamic teachings and ruined unity among Muslims.Even politicians supported this movement because this shows how determine the people itself to reclaim their country and staking their rights once again.So,if anyone believe violence could led to freedom,they have to be aware the heavy price everyone have to pay.Remember 9/11?Because of that,Islamophobia spread like a plague,tarnishing Islam’s image in the eyes of the world and further intensified curiosity and suspicion towards Muslims.Now you see it?It’s up to you to believe violence is the only way to lead us back to our glory days.But for the rest of us,there are plenty of ways to see Islam back as major force in this world.