As a moviegoer,if I have spare time,I will watch movies,either in cinemas or internet.However,at this moment,I decided not to watch local movies.Why?Lots of horror and gangster movies in the market.Let’s be honest,is this the best you could offered to us?We understand,movie makers want to make some profit based on the current market itself.At the same time,it also show us that there is a huge lack of creativity among movie makers.Let me ask you a question.How long this formula will last?Well,as a start,people started complaining about the presence of these type of movies in the market.Moviegoers felt it is outdated and no longer compatible with their taste.Even our former premier voiced his concerns about this particular matter.Of course,movie makers tell the public it’s just fiction and for people’s entertainment only.But tell me,how long that will last?What we need right now are new and fresh ideas to captivate movie goers.Let’s take an example in Inception.Inception,directed by Christopher Nolan,lauded by critics for its originality and powerful performance by ensemble cast like Leonardo de Caprio,Ken Watanabe,Cilian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.Of course,asking our movie makers to produce movies like this is a huge ask.We may not have that budget to produce such movies like that but what we really need are new ideas to bring our film industry to the next level.Who knows we might competing in Oscars or Golden Globe someday.